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What we would like to share is the realization of customized toy bricks printing by using UV printer. As we all know, toy bricks are various in kind and are the earliest elementary education tools which help a lot in child's development of intellectual, no doubt they are the gift of God. With times past and the development of the social society,toy bricks are used for the early education of children world wide.

Toy bricks are generally made of wood, ABS or such ECO materials. Often, most of the bricks are printed with Numbers, Alphabets or animal pictures to help to develop child's cognition of the world. Printing is a common and important part during the production of toy bricks puzzles and combinations. Customization and diversity features in the small batch production will make it hard for the traditional printing to meet the need of the market, however, artisJet UV printer can realize the direct printing with full colors on the Wood, EVC, ABS or such materials without platemaking process. High speed layout, no need of other process, ready to be used after printing, very suit for quick sample making and small amount customized printing.


artisJet 3000U uv led desktop flatbed printer makes it easy for customized toy bricks printing, using the UV LED ECO ink, the printed bricks will be more safe, printing becomes quicker,colors are more gorgeous, photo durability is stronger and precision is much higher. With the printing size of 290*600mm and auto height adjusting function, different dimensions of toy bricks are not a problem at all.

Case of toy bricks

Toy bricks fans and shopkeeper are intoxicated in designing their own designs to be printed on the bricks, they are trying to fill more such bricks with various kinds of designs into their store. With the help of ArtisJet UV printing technology, they can produce any high quality designs within minutes. At the same time, we are also helping Toy fans to think out new ideas of printing, such as wood grain printing, some of the shopkeeper like to print the wood grain onto the bricks, different designs and colors, size of 2*2cm, 2*4cm, 2*6cm, 2*8cm, of course you can choose your own size.They sell the bricks to the customers at 25 USD per 4 pieces. This is an reasonable price.

wood toy bricks print

Price depends on the originality and the brick size, the ink cost of 4 pieces are less than 5 cents.


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