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Safety isolated barrier shell print, Isolation amplifier printer

Safety isolated barrier are a form of differential amplifier that allow measurement of small signals in the presence of a high common mode voltage by providing electrical isolation and an electrical safety barrier.Isolation amplifiers are used in medical instruments,industrial field,coal mine, Power monitoring and etc.. to ensure isolation of a patient from power supply leakage current.

Because Safety isolated barrier has many styles with different technical parameters. The technical parameters will be printing on isolated barrier shell. With the screen printing process customer need to make much screen printing plates before, ArtisJet provides a small format desktop uv flatbed printer for direct to print industry,of which used UV LED ink can dry quickly, and the adsorption force to most materials are strong.

it don't need screen printing plates, it can direct to print any colors on isolated barrier shell easily. In production print mode, quality meets speed. Only needed 1 min to print 12 isolated barriers substrate @ 1440*720dpi.


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