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Direct To T-shirt printing solution

Machine Suggest

artisJet has recently launched 2 new professional t-shirt printers, artisJet 5000T and artisJet 3000T, which can meet the demands of 2 different types of T-shirt direct injection. They will take the place of the complicated traditional handicrafts such as heat transfer printing and screen printing, thus the problems of textile unbreathable and uncomfortable can be solved easily.

artisJet 3000T DTG printer provides personalized application solutions to T-shirt and cloths , to meet the requirement of people to pursuit personalization, it is suit for customized garment shop, personal DIY, Garment designer and designing companies, gift companies.

artisJet 5000T DTG printer provides personalized application solutions to large factories, in order to meet the requirement of mass production of T-shirts, no need to make the plate, with 8 colors high speed printer head, it can cover the work of 8 different inks printing flexibly, thus it is suit for garment designing companies, cloth factories,and printing outlets.


Our T-shirt printer are using 100% green environmental friendly direct to garment pigment ink, and with the power of 5660*2880 DPI resolution high speed printer heads, the machine can print the true image directly on the surface of garment via computer software. Mean while the water washing standard can be reached to 5 degrees.

Control & Software

Focus on the development in the textile direct injection industries, artisJet has created a new generation control system called PCL, installed with the new dtg white rip software specially for white color controlling., it improves the Mechanical Control system and also makes the t-shirt printing output much easier as well.

artisJet 5000T / 3000T productivity and ink cost

  artisJet 3000T productivity artisJet 5000T productivity Ink cost
200 per day 400 per day 0.3USD/piece
600 per day 1000 per day 0.1USD/piece
120 per day 250 per day 0.6USD/piece
400 per day 600 per day 0.2USD/piece

single piece T-shirt printing cost analysis

Oder per day income 25USD/pc T-shirt cost 2usd/pc Ink cost 0.3USD/pc Labor cost 100USD/day Incidentals 50USD/day Net profit/day
30 700USD 60USD 9USD 100USD 50USD 481USD
60 1500USD 120USD 18USD 100USD 50USD 1212USD
100 2500USD 200USD 30USD 100USD 50USD 2120USD
200 5000USD 400USD 60USD 100USD 50USD 4390USD
500 12500USD 1000USD 150USD 200USD 60USD 11000USD


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