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artisJet Custom dial face label uv led printer

custom dial face printing Dial face label printing are widely used in the industrial areas, however, for the deficiency of single variety of colors of the traditional screen printing technology, the cost of sample printing will be very high and the efficiency of small amount printing will be very low. Aiming at solving this problem, ArtisJet launched its new eco friendly UV LED industrious dial face printing machines, of which the uv led ink can dry quickly, and the adsorption force to most materials are strong. No matter whether it is PVC, Acrylic, metal, wood, or plastics, the printer can give a perfect performance.

The application of dial meter printing includes: instrument and meter, measuring tools, speed indictor, counter, elevator, telephone, clock, watch or some other machine tools.

ArtisJet industrious dial face printer apply the technology of Epson micro piezo and ink changeable technology, thus 8 colors print head with 3.5pl fine drops can be realized.

Panchromatic quality printing task.

Better performance in printing micro version.
Installed in the artisJet white ink control software, it can process easily no matter whether it is black, transparent materials.

It is possible for the auto printing of the variables such as part number or series number, no need to make the photo for each number. The series number data in the EXCEL and ACESS can be imported to the software to print.

For the dials made of aluminum alloy or glass materials which are used in the severe environment, ArtisJet has its special solutions, first to putt the coating on it, and then use the curing machine, the durability can be reached to the highest, it can be dampproof, chemical corrosion proof, and scratch proof.


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