artisJet wood print solution

The new direct to custom wood UV LED printer

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Direct to print wooden materials directly.

Direct to wood printer refers to an application of artisJet printers which delivers any photo, image, letters, logos and pictures onto wood or wooden materials directly.

No limit of the wood products

With artisJet wood direct printing solution, you can print on custom wood coaster, custom wood frame, custom wood pen, custom wood packages, custom wood furniture, etc directly.

No limit of contents

You can deliver any format of your desired digital materials directly covering from photos taken from mobile phone/camera, enterprise logos, pictures downloaded from internet, anything you want to tell , etc to make yourself proud of.

Fast production speed at low cost

Custom wood printing is a click of print. By importing the files into the artisRIP, the products will be ready in few minutes.

Rich yet sharp color performances

Empowered by the piezo print technology and anti-static print systems, artisJet custom wood print solution delivers the colors onto the wood in photo quality and highest sharpness.

Optional print results on demand

Supported by artisJet DTS3 and DTSAT3 UV LED inks, artisJe direct to wood printer offers an option for white printing allowing different print results including vintage matte, 3D embossed/textured, and natural glossy.

Glitter print result on demand

Equipped with latest DTS3 Varnish ink, artisJet printers support the clear printing to enhance the performances of the printed products on demand.


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