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A Beginner's Guide

There are some questions you are not finding here, please click here to contact us for help!

How it prints?

  • 1. Put the case you need to print onto the working table.
  • 2. Edit the artwork you need to print from ArtisJet Case RIP.
  • 3. Adjust the RIP settings.
  • 4. Output from RIP directly.
  • 5. You have the materials you wan't to print.
  • Visit at: http://www.brotherjet.com/video.html

Is it easy to operate the machine?

  • Yes.This machine is easy to work with and you can operate it easily if you can work with computer.

Can I print all types of materials with any color?

Yes. You can print any color onto the materials. For the duck materials printing,we have white inks.

What happens if I have problems with the machine ?As I am far away from you.

  • 1. All the machines are tested strictly before the shipment.
  • 2. All the problems shooting files are in the CD,PDF and Video.
  • 3. We provide 7*24hours service.
  • 4. One year warranty.We provide free change for the broken parts in this one year(ink system is not included).

How about the printing cost?

3USD in 1440*1440DPI for Full size of 1m2.

How to buy?

Please contact our service representatives with your full information to check the shipping cost with door to door or port to port services.

Do I need to pay taxes when the goods arrives?

  • Yes. This printer H.S.Code is 8443.3213.00.
  • Europen Countries 12-17% of the total value.
  • North Amercian Countries 13-20% of the total value.
  • South American countries 17-25% of the total value.
  • Asian countries 5-15% of the total value.