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Direct To Substrate Jigs For Brotherjet Flatbed Printers

The matched EPS files for all jigs are available, helping you to position the printing materials fast and preciously. Clike here to download

  • #JG001 Phone case jig for Blackberry 9900

    case size: 70mm*118.3mm
  • #JG002 Phone case jig Blackberry 8520

    size: case 64mm*109.3mm
  • #JG003 Phone case jig SAMSUNG I9300 GALAXY SIII

    case size: 72mm*137mm
  • #JG004 Phone case jig SAMSUNG I9300 GALAXY SII

    case size: 72mm*137mm
  • #JG005 Ipad case jig

    case size: 188mm*244mm
  • #JG006 Iphone 4S case jig

    case size: 60.3mm*117mm
  • #JG007 Iphone3 case jig

    case size: 64.5mm*117mm
  • #JG008 Iphone5 case jig

    Phonecase size:60.7mm*124.9mm
  • #JG009 PVC card printing jig

    PVC card size: 85mm*54mm
  • #JG010 CD printing jig

    cd Ø=120mm
  • #JG011 Golf ball printing jig

    golf ball Ø=45mm
  • #JG012 Pen printing jig

    pen size: 137mm*12mm
  • #JG013 Lighter printing jig

    Lighter size: 79mm*25mm
  • #JG014 Rotary jig

    Suitable for cylinder objects
  • #JG015 T-shirt jig

    Suitable for t-shirt printing


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