Used ArtisRIP V8.3 templates menu print phone case

At ArtisRIP v8.3 white rip software the template menu is under View > Template


Create a new template
Choose the basic outline shape for the template slots. Options are wallet, rectangle/square or circle. These are not shape masks, only layout outlines. Any required masking of your image must be done before opening the image in ArtisRIP V8.3 DTG & DIRECT PRINTER RIP SOFTWARE

  • Input the necessary values for each option:
  • Start X = Print start offset from the left
  • Start Y = Print start offset from the top
  • Width = Width of each slot
  • Height = Height of each slot
  • Interval X = space between each column
  • Interval Y = space between each row
  • X Steps = Number of columns
  • Y Steps = Number of rows
  • Angle = Choose the automatic image rotation at 90 degree intervals (default = 0)
  • Line Width = Width of slot outline (default = Normal)

Select Save to save your new template. A Save window will open where you can name the template.

Applying a Template
Select the desired pre-saved template from the Template window, choose Apply then OK.

Open an image

Apply the template

Apply the template in rip software

Mage is duplicated across the eintire template

Printing different images in a single template
The Template feature in ArtisRIP only replicates a single image. To print different images in a template, lay up the complete artwork outside of ArtisRIP and save as a ArtisRIP compatible file type (.psd, .eps, .jpg, .png, .tif, .bmp, .ps).

If you are using a BrotherJet manufactured bespoke jig print fixture, a template will be supplied in the format of your choice. BrotherJet can supply EPS templates for most popular graphics packages, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.