Progress on Memjet's latest inkjet print head DuraFlex printer

Memjet introduced the new pigment inkjet printhead DuraFlex in early September, a modular one-way print product that combines speed, simplicity and economy with new properties such as enhanced durability, A4 and A3 plus width in four-color printheads. A high-speed data path and a module that controls all functions of the print head function.

memjet printhead

Together, these features provide the original equipment manufacturer’s desktop, micro-printing press espresses and entry-level printing presses with the resources to create a reasonable price, giving these types of printers the quality and speed they could not have previously had.

This week, Chinese manufacturers pioneered the introduction of volume-to-roll printers with DuraFlex nozzles worldwide and began selling them globally. For friends who need to know about the machine, please add WeChat 1705225099

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Earlier, at the PackExpo show in Las Vegas in September, Kirk-Rudy showed off a FireJet 4C single-paper four-color inkjet system with a DuraFlex inkjet printhead.

The machine is an A3 wide-format single-pass printing system that can print at 1600 x 1600 dpi speeds, with a maximum speed of 150 feet per minute.

It uses pigment water-based inks designed to print envelopes, bags, packaging, napkins and other items cost-effectively.