How to print multi-golf balls one time

Preparatory work & Necessary materials

  • Many golf balls
  • Make sure the printer is working properly and connected to the computer and powered on.
  • Golf ball jig from BrotherJet
  • ADOBE Photoshop & Brotherjet AritsRIP 8.3 RIP software has been installed in your computer and they are working properly.

Three steps to make a printing template, It easily!

1. Open the 1# template file “CD disk:\EPS FILE\GOLF 30-40 CM_ONE.EPS” with photoshop, The file you can get in the BrotherJet RIP software and tolls cd disk. In Photoshop, use the File –> Place command to put image file you want to print on golf balls into the new layer in edition template.

Adjust the image size and position to move it to the centre of circular pattern.Make sure the image size does not exceed the circular pattern range.

golf ball print template 1

Hide the “Layer 0″  layer, Use the Edit –> Define Pattern command to create a Pattern you can give a name like “GOLF_PRINT_IMG”.

golf ball print template 11

2. Open the 2# template file “CD disk:\EPS FILE\GOLF 30-40 CM.EPS” with photoshop, The file you can get in the BrotherJet RIP software and tolls cd disk.

golf ball print template 2

Select “IMG_B” layer and Use the Edit –> Fill command, In the Fill dialog, set the contents to use “Pattern”. In Photoshop CS4 and later, make sure “Scripted Patterns” is not checked, (But do explore it later… it’s cool!). Select your custom pattern named “GOLF_PRINT_IMG” from Custom Pattern drop-down panel and click “ok”to fill the layer.

golf ball print template 2-1

Adjust the patterns position to centre of circular template pattern

golf ball printer template 2-2

3. Hide the “BACKGROUND” layer, please compose the file and save it as format JPG/EPS/TIF.

Printing position setting:

printing Coordinate:
1. By printing coordinate we can locate the printing position easily and accurately.
2. Open the coordinate file with the RIP software, set the output: X=0, Y=0, output size: width=33cm, the height with adjust automatically.(For the formula mode of the software there will be a little bit error between the actual size and the real pho to size.)

rip software set

printing position

3. Put the golf ball jig on the golf ball printer’s platform where the Jig photo/Coordinate is printed.

golf ball print jig

Start printing

1. Printing setup on the software.
1) Size and Position
1, Using typesetting files, we can print with high actual position.
2, Open the printing template file you create with photoshop by Rip software, set the output: X=1,Y=1, output position:Width=30CM, hight will adjust automatically.
(For the formula mode of the software there will be a little difference between the actual size and the real photo size)

2) Resolution and printer setting.

3) Ink Channel, Ink limit and CISS

2. Printing process
1, Backward the platform to the end, otherwise error report may happen.
2, Color printing set, as shown in the picture.
print set

golf ball printer