Flower King LUNAJET nano-ink for soft film packaging of water-based inkjet ink

Huawang Co. , Ltd. was founded in 1887, Flower King’s predecessor was the Western grocery store “Changyu Store” (Flower King Stone Base), mainly selling American-made cosmetic soap and Japanese-made soap and imported stationery, etc. , Flower King entrepreneur is ChangYu Fulang. At present, Huawang products involving cosmetics and other more than 600 kinds, mostly polymer chemicals.

Huawang also owns its own uv inkjet printer and ink research and development manufacturing plant


THE LUNAJET NANO-INK DEVELOPED BY HUAWANG IS THE FIRST INKJET INK OF THIS KIND OF WATER-BASED PIGMENT NANOTECHNOLOGY. LUNAJET is designed for flexible film substrates with minimal environmental impact. LUNAJET’s very low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a safe and environmentally friendly ink

Master Mind LUNAJET label installed in packaging printer

Print on film without any problems

print on film

The characteristics of the new polyester inkjet ink, no VOC design

1。 The VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) design reduces the amount of VOCs emitted during printing, improving the printing work environment and reducing the burden on the global environment.
2。 The “pigment nanodispersion technology” (the technology for dispersing and stabilizing nano-size pigments) is used by Flower King’s proprietary “pigment nano-dispersion technology”.
3。 Ultraviolet-cured inks in order to achieve excellent image durability, such as weather resistance, alcohol resistance, scratch resistance, etc., do not require external coating treatment.
4。 It can be developed for a variety of industrial printing applications, such as film printing and signage.

For water-based inkjet ink technology pigments, (using electrostatic phenomenon) fusion in electronic photographic printing for powder tomography in the polyester resin technology, the non-reactive and non-hazardous material water however, ink, equivalent to weathering, alcohol-resistant new UV-cured ink, can provide high durability images such as scratch resistance, polyester inkjet ink pigments, so that a variety of industrial printing deployment of successful development.

package print

Typically, UV-cured inks are printed on, for example, paper or film, and have substrates that are cured by irradiation of UV rays to form a firm coating of about 10 microns. In contrast, in this new polyester-based water-based ink, newly developed polyester resin forms a uniform and solid coating.

Although the film thickness is approximately 1/10 of the UV-cured ink, the coating achieves image durability comparable to that of UV-cured inks. This allows for a wider range of applications, such as film printing and industrial printing for signage.