Dark T-shirt printing procedure with BR-TX1800 DTG printer

Part 1. Preparation
1)  Printer: BR-T1800 DTG Printer
2)  Software: ArtisRIP V8.3 – DTG & Direct Printer RIP software
3)  T-shirt: White Color T-Shirt & Dark Color T-Shirt
4)  Direct Garment Pretreatment Sprayer
5)  Heat Presser
6)  T-Shirt Coating (Pre-treatment Solution)
7)   Picture & Photo to be Printed (Artwork)

t-shirt printing preparation

Part 2 . Coating spraying on the T-shirt with Pre-Coating Sprayer
Pretreatment of coating spraying is necessary for printing on dark T-shirt which can make white ink adhered onto the surface of dark T-shirt. Here below is the important points:
1. The coating coming out from the sprayer should shaped like nepheloid zone.
2. Spraying the coating onto the T-shirt very quickly and evenly. The white result shall be too light and uneven if the coating layer is too thin. Conversely, the printed T-shirt will felt like colloid and
very hard.
3. After coating spraying, keep the T-shirt even without folding, press it and dry out.

Part 3. Heat Pressing Issue:
1)  Adjust the temperature onto around 170oC.
2) Lay the T-shirton on the flatbed of the heat presser and keep it even.
3) Put the protective paper onto the T-shirt avoiding any damage to the T-shirt.
4) Baking the coated T-shirt for 5 minutes, then heat pressing for 4 seconds or so. The coater should be heat pressed into dry totally, otherwise, the final result will not be very good.

Heat Pressing

Part 4. Put the T-SHIRT on to Jigs

put t-shirt on to dtg printer jig

Height Adjustment:
1. Backward the platform after T-shirt printing jig fixed into the position where the height sensor locates. Auto-adjusting the height and slightly lower the position in order to make the distance between print head and T-shirt ranges from 2mm to 3mm (NOTICE:Normally, the material of T-shirt printing Jig is transparent acrylic, therefore, the auto-adjusting will be out of functioning. We have to make sure the adjusting shall proceed after the T-shirt jig fixing. OTHERWISE, the platform will keep moving upward and the T-shirt jig will damage the machine.

2. After T-shirt jig fixing and platform height adjustment, backward the platformto the home position. Ready to print.

Part 5. Software Setting
1. Input the image and set the size & position.

2. White Layer Generation Options:
1. Open “View” and select “White”,then we can preview the white ink print result.
2. White layer generation including:
white gradient
1)  Select the proper white layer generation. The lighter of the white ink, more white
ink will be printed out.
2) Except the above options, we may also need to do the picture process with PhotoShop in purpose of finding out suitable white layer generation.
3. White Ink Decrease:Avoiding extra white edge comes out from the color ink, set the four status as the max. “10 px”.
White ink layer set

3. Printing Resolution Setting

4. Ink Channel Limit Setting
Channel Options: WWWW+KCMY or KCMY+ WWWW , based on the ink bottles sequence
Color Ink Limit: Color ink limit for T-shirt printing shall be 25% . It can be slightly more or less according to different Artwork.
ICC Profile: Select T-shirt ICC Profile and open it. The ICC profile can help adjusting the color and make the printing result better.
dtg printer ink channel set

5. Out put White Ink Printing
White Ink Printing Setting
1. Resolution Setting: 1440*1440 dpi or 1440*720dpi
2. Ink Limit Setting:Normally it should be 60%-200% according to the print effect.
3. White ink layer generation options:Select the proper one.
4. Output setting:  White Setting: “1″.
white ink printing

6. Out put color ink
Click back button to put the printer tabel turn back, and printing color ink.
1. Resolution Setting: 1440*1440 dpi or 1440*720dpi
2. Ink Limit Setting: 25%
3. Output Setting: White Setting: “0″ Color Setting: “1″

7. Heat pressing
Dark Color T-shirt Heat Pressing
1. Lay the printed T-shirt onto the platbed of the heating presser and put the protective paper.
2. Adjust the temper onto 170oC and keep it for 120 seconds.
More information about heat pressing setting please see: Aristri P5000+ ink Pre-treatment Solution Aim