Artis 2000 mini UV printer user manual parts 1


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  2. The contents of this manual are subject to change without notice.
  3. All effort have been made to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this manual. However, should any errors be detected, artisJet would greatly appreciated being informed of them.
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  1. Make package inspection before signing in the consignee form from forwarder and take photo as proof if there is any damage for further operation.
  2. Do not operate this equipment until you read and understand the contents of the service manual. Failure to follow operation instructions could result in personal injury or damage to equipment.
  3. If may cause personal injury due to using the toxic and non-orignal ink stead of artisJet orignal ink.
  4. Do not install the equipment without the instructions or electricity voltage requirements strictly.
  5. Contact BrotherJet before doing any operation of the machine.


  1. Keep the children far away from this equipment.
  2. Operate the UV series equipment with protective glasses.
  3. Ground wire will be a must to be connected; any failure of ground wire will cause damage to electronics.
  4. Top-front transparent cover should keep open during the printing process.

Introduction & General Warning

Thanks for selecting artisJet artis 2000 a4 uv printer. This manual is specially issued to keep your printing system
running smoothly. As the UV LED printer is sensitive, especially for the white ink printing, this manual will extend
the working life of the printer and ensure the best printing quality in the printing jobs.

Please read it carefully and perform the operation as requested.
Enjoy the working experience with brotherJet !


  1. · Install the machine in an environment without direct sunshine.
  2. · Keep the top-front transparent cover open always when the printer is in work.
  3. · Keep the UV LED inks in a dark-dry place under normal indoor temperature (10℃~25℃).
  4. · Wear anti-UV glasses or sunglasses to protect your eyes when working with the printer.
  5. · Clean the golden surface of the print head ONLY with ALCOHOL, do NOT use Cleaning agent.
  6. · POWER OFF and DISCONNECT the pwoer cable of the machine before removing or install parts.