artisJet workstation installation and user interface intruduction

Installation step

1.Unfold the attached U disk following the instructions, or download the installation file from the network, then double-click the installation package file to install

install package

2.The installation wizard will pop up. Please select the installation path or use the default recommended installation path, and click “NEXT” to continue the installation steps and procedures.
install step 1

install step 2

3.Click the “Install” button to install
install step 3

4.The last step, click “Finish” to complete the installation process
install step 4

5.After installation, the shortcut with artisJet will appear on the desktop of PC, click on the artisJet shortcut to run the software. You can also access the software project by clicking start on the PC task bar and then clicking all.
artisjet program


If you have installed an old version , uninstall the old installation file first. Click the uninstall wizard to uninstall.
uninstall 1

uninstall 2


Start using artisJet workstaion

user interface

Before using artisJet workstation, please read the following instruction carefully to know the function and operation guide of each button.

artisjet workstation user interface

1.The yellow border marking area in the upper left corner is the functional area, which can help you complete the import, printing, and various settings that needed in printing

2.The area in the upper right corner is the connection status between the PC and the uv printer (disconnected or connected). The print task and instructions can only be sent to the printer when connected.

3.Printing progress is the print job area. And the tasks in this area will be sent to the printer for printing

4.Job queue is a printable task queue area. In this area, you can make various settings for printing tasks, including the number of copies to be printed, unidirection and bidirection settings, 3D embossed effect and braille printing settings.