artisJet workstation intraduction

AritsJet workstaion is a printing task management and output system, which is used to manage all PRN format printing tasks and printing workflow output from RIP image processing software.

artisJet print workstaion

With new work flow of aritsJet workstaion’s , we can batch-import print task files in Postscript (PRN) format saved by customers or designers. We can easily add, delete, and cancel tasks and automatically capture task files that output from RIP software. For batch reprinting, the number of printed copies can be easily defined by one key. 3D option can directly convert the ordinary plane printing effect into embossed printing effect. With ACS instruction system, embossed effect which could be realized by printing many times can be mass production. This technology greatly reduces the time of manual operation. The unique Braille convex dot stacking algorithm makes it easy to print braille quickly and efficiently. Open API interface mode can achieve more printing possibility.

Support printer model: artisJet 3000Upro, artisJet 5000U small uv printer, artisJet proV6 mini uv printer

Support and compatibility with the following features:

File format PRN
Printing modes 4PASS, 8PASS, 16PASS
Printer model artisJet 3000u pro V1.0
Braille print support YES
3D embossed effect print support YES
Instruction system(ACS) YES
Custom ink channel YES
API interface YES (HOT FOLDER)


New functions

  • Customized ink channel — which can flexibly adjust the ink color and nozzle sequence, replace the blocked nozzle sequence, and improve the service life of the nozzle
  • StartUp Actions Manager
  • Optional settings — Print directly from RIP software or print to the workstaion job queue

Technical system requirements
Supported system

Windows 7 Windows 8.1 Windows 10
 yes  yes  yes

• Intel® 2GHz Pentium® 4 processor, or AMD Athlon® with 64bit support

• 4GB minimum RAM memory (16GB recommended)

• 256GB minimum hard disk (512GB recommended)