aritsJet flatbed printer workstaion Functional area parts 1

Functional area

  • 1.New job: double click to start and open rip editing software. In RIP software, you can typeset pictures and text , and generate print tasks to task list.
  • 2.Import: click to import the print task. This function is used to print the task file saved or backed up by the customer. It is suitable for repeated production of the same print matter and pattern. At the same time, it can also meet the confidentiality and security of customer image files. Select the path of the file and choose PRN file, you can import up to 500 files at a time. PRN file path can be PC hard disk and USB storage.
  • import print file
  • 3.Save: click to transfer or back up print tasks to any location. It’s easy to backup and store print files.
  • save print file
  • 4.Print: Select tasks in the Job queue that needs to be printed, and click. Tasks will be sent to the Printing progress list for printing.
  • print job
  • 5.Cancel: Click to cancel any tasks that have not started printing. If you want to cancel tasks during printing, you can click the Cancel button on the control panel.
  • 6.Delete: used to delete tasks in a queue
  • 7.Settings: clicking to open the print Settings dialog box

flatbed printer setting

  1. After print- choose to back up the print file or clear the print file after the print task is finished
  2. After cancel- choose to clear the print file or keep the print file in the work queue when the print job is canceled during printing process
  3. When job comming — Allow new job tasks added directly into the print queue for printing or only to be added to the job queue
  4. Feather— PASS marks and Bandding can be effectively reduced by feather. So the printing results can be smoother. Feather will reduce printing speed. F-Feather has the slowest printing speed but the smoothest effect. In general, S-Feather is suitable for lines, text-based patterns. M-Feather is suitable for figures, patterns with more color changes. F-Feather is suitable for solid color or dark pattern printing.

UV Light Set – UV lamp direction setting
uv light set

Auto Settings— when the print job is bidirectional, UV lamp will be on whether printing to the left or right. When the print job is unidirectional, the UV lamp will light up when Carriage move to the left.

  1. Unidirection — the UV lamp will light up when carriage move to the left.
  2. Bidirection — the UV lamp will light up when carriage move t to the right.

Print Direction – Print speed settings
print direction

Normal setting—printing direction will be the default printing direction.

Unidirection/ Bidirection setting— printing direction will be the same as the setting. You can also set the print direction for each print task in the job queue separately.