aritsJet workstaion ink channel set and maintenance set

Ink Channel Set— ink order setting
ink channel set

The ink channel settings depend on the printer’s factory default ink order, and the recommended default ink order for artisJet 3000U Pro (8 color printer) is:

ink channel set 2

Recommended default ink for artisJet 3000U Pro (6color printer) is: WKCMYW

ink channel set 3

Of course, you can customize the ink channel according to the actual installation of the cartridge and the colors order from the actual nozzle check. For example, the first nozzle prints yellow, and # 1 is set to Yellow. The nozzle can be turned off when the channel is set to NULL . For example, the nozzle of White 1 is clogged. In order not to affect the print quality, you can choose to close White 1 and just use White 2.

ink channel set 4

Click the Restore the default settings button to restore the factory ink order setting.

Restore the default settings

Click the save button to save all changes. Click the cancel button to exit the print settings

ink channel set 5

8.Maintenance- Clicking PM to open the maintenance dialog box

Maintenance SET

In the maintenance dialog box, there are nozzle inspection, installation of automatic ink guide, replacement of ink bag and other ink guide procedures. At present, the automatic ink guide programs are just applied to equipment that left the factory after 9/27/2019. All functions can be performed when the PC is connected to the printer properly.

Maintenance SET 1

New Machine Install takes 6-7 minutes to execute. During execution, the printer control screen will show Cleaning. Please wait patiently and do not turn off the printer power throughout the process. When the printer screen displays printer ready, you need to print test strip for nozzle verification. New Machine Install and other related functions are only auxiliary functions, which can not guarantee the success of ink guide with one take. After completing the ink guide, if the nozzle test bar is not ideal or there is no printing ink, you can press the PUMP / SPI and CLEAN buttons on control panel to continue the ink installation process.