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Frequently asked questions

FAQ can help you find answers to common questions, related knowledges for products, shippment, payment and service etc .. There are some questions you are not finding here, please click here to contact us for help!

About application

What kind of materials can we print?

Actually we can print onto most of the materials like plastic,wood,metal,etc.But the inks will effect the best performance on materials in terms of Poly Carbonate, ABS, Genuine Leather, Synthethic Leather, Poly Urethane,and IMD

What about the printing quality?

The print resolution with this printer can reach to 5760*1440dpi, and the colors are brightly showed on cases. As our machines are working with the Epson heads for best printing resolution and ink sharpness.

How many pieces can we print at one time?

That depends on the size of cases, for example, for Iphone 4 cases, we could print 16 pices at one time, but if for Iphone 5 cases, we print 12 pieces at one time. The bigger the size of the case, the less we can print at one pass(As the working table is fixed at 32.9*60CM)

How long time it costs to print on one phone case?

It depends on the size of case and resolution of your artwork, usually it needs only 1.3 minutes for one pc of Iphone 4 case in the resolution of 2880*1440 dpi/Unidirectional printing(Set from ArtisJet RIP software)

How many pieces we could print on one day?

More than 500 pieces of Iphone 4 cases

About ink system

What type of inks for printing?

We are using the uv led inks especially for printing. This ink is specially designed for most materials printing in terms of durability/color performances.

How about the ink cartridge when we need to change?

ArtisJet printer is working with the CISS(Continuous ink supply system) ,there is no need at all to change the cartridges with extra cost.We just need to refill the inks into the ink bottles when the inks levels are becoming down in the bottles.

What's the ink cost for print cases?

The cost of the printing will be different for different settings in terms of speed, ink limit,etc. But normally from our experience and testing, we need 15ml of inks combined colors for each square meter printing .So we can say ,with 1Liter inks we could print more than 8,000 images on Iphone 4 cases.

What's the ink cost for print cases?

The cost of the printing will be different for different settings in terms of speed, ink limit,etc. But normally from our experience and testing, we need 15ml of inks combined colors for each square meter printing .So we can say ,with 1Liter inks we could print more than 8,000 images on Iphone 4 cases.

How many colors of the inks are working in this machine?

ArtisJet is offering different printing color combinations for different requirements from clients. There are three ink color combinations mainly:
There are three ways for ink solution:
1. C,M,Y,K (By this way,we can leave the other four cartridges blank). This is suitable for clients with small quantity printing.
2. C,M,Y,K+CO CO CO CO(This is used for the strongest durability of inks after printing, we can make two times of printing:CMYK first and then Coating for protection purpose; also the Coating will make the printed image more shinning and polish).
3. Double C,M,Y,K. (For fast printing speed).

The ink will cause any head clogging?

No. Our ink is very stable and free flowing in the ink system. But If we leave the machine nonworking for more than 5days, we will need to make cleaning from the software directly or clean it by the cleaning set of cartridges.

How about the ink package?

We have three types mainly: 200ml/Bottle/Color, 500ml/Bottle/Color and 1000ml/Bottle/Color . It's optional.

How about the shelf life of the ink?

The shelf life of the inks is 12 months in good condition(no direct sunshine, under degree of 30)

Do I need special coating after print?

No, with the BRDPC inks we don't need any coating after print on cases, the inks are stable enough already.

Where can I get the inks?

You could order the inks from us, we have all the inks in the stock and we can delivery the inks by express directly to you.

About software and RIP

Which software can I use for printing?

We use CorelDraw, Photoshop ,Illustrator,CAD,etc to design the artwork.

What is the format that the artwork should be?

The format of artwork could be EPS, BMP, GIF, JPGE, AI.etc, we could import it into software and directly output them after settings based on your request.

What is your RIP?

The RIP is ArtisRIP software which supports all the features on our machines.This is a special software which is compatible with all of ArtisJet printers.

What are the special features of your RIP?

We can manage all the details by this software for printing including:

  • 1. Ink channel option
  • 2. Ink limit(It is different for different materials in order to get the best printing result)
  • 3. Print speed(Unidirection or bidirection)
  • 4. Template(We can create any template for big quantity of printing for one artwork)
  • 5. Resolution(From 360*720 to 5760*1440DPI)
  • 6. Print area and position settings)

About jigs

What types of the jigs are you offering?

Until now we've provided the jigs for golf ball, pens, cards, cylinder, t-shirt, phone case like Ipad, Iphone cases, SAMSUNG, and others.

If I want special jig, can you make it for me?

Yes, we also offer the special customized jigs based on your request.

About warranty and guarantee

Do you provide the warranty for your machines? How long?

Yes, we provide one year warranty for all of the electronic parts including the mother board, control board, driver board, motor and etc. But there is no warranty for ink system and wearing parts like print head, ink pump, and CISS.

How can I get the supports?

1. After you get the machine, our technician will support you to install, use, maintain the machine by web camera on Skype, MSN or Yahoo messenger and they are available 24 hours.

2. If we have distributor in your country, you could ask him to support you with extra cost based on local situation, 3. We could arrange our technician to go to your location for installation and training.

What should I do if there is a problem with my printer?

If there is any problem happens,firstly please read the user menu and service menu in the CD we sent along with the machine as there are the problems and ways for fixing for most of the problems. Or you can contact our technician and they will help you to check the problems and offer guidance for the solution. We have all the files about the problem shooting and videos accordingly. Our technician will find the right solution for the problem on time.

Can I get supplies and wearing parts from you?

Yes, we provide all the wearing parts for our printers always and they are in stock.

How will you achieve the warranty?

If any electronics or a mechanical part is confirmed to be broken, ArtisJet should send the new part within 48hours by express like TNT, DHL, FEDEX .etc to the buyer. And the shipping cost should be on ArtisJet for the new part and the old part should be sent back on the cost of buyer.

Payment and shipment

What's the payment term do you accept?

We accept 100% T/T in advance and Western Union.

Can I pay by Paypal?

Yes. You can pay us by paypal for the consumables and parts. But payment for machine by Paypa is not acceptable.

How long will you send the machine out after payment?

We have all the machines in the stock, after we confirm the payment from bank, we will send printer out in 4 working days(As we need to test the machine again before the shipment and also we need to book space on the airplane.)

How will you send out the machines?

We provide three ways to you:
  • 1.By air(it's a port to port service, fast as express, but when the machine arrive to your port, it will have some extra costs)
  • 2.By sea(Port to port service, it's the cheapest way but it needs longer time)
  • 3.By express like TNT, DHL, FEDEX(Door to door service, if you provide the detailed address of your company, it will be delivered to your company office)