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Learn why our clients are happy

Luca MolnarThis clients from Hungary
We chose the best model, the artis 3000U. We truly love it! Maintenance and operation of the printer is very easy. It is also a really quick printer and the printing quality is very impressive, we barely have any issues with it. It’s so lovely to work with a machine you know you can rely on, you just turn it on and it works well, you don’t really have to worry about anything.
Laszlo GyurisThis clients from Hungary
We chose artis 1800U LED UV printer. The machine works perfect, we tested it on several printing items and widely expand our business. It can print dozens per time, it’s very productive. The LED UV printer can print multiple colors, while our pad printer could print only two colors.
Janos SzucsThis clients from Hungary
This is a very big development for us.The first artisJet product we used was BR 1900. At the moment, this machine is not in use because printing on white material only doesn’t give us the best quality. But we started to use artis 1800U. The print quality is better and faster. It can print on all type of phone case colors.
Dia Vega SROThis clients from Slovakia
We chose artis BR U1800 and it seemed to be the best solution for us. We are printing with the artis BR U1800 on all kinds of materials. The machine is printing in high quality and 3D effect.
I’ve have started my first business with artisJet printers and its matched consumables. I needed a printer machine that could supply my phonecase production, a strong machine that can produce 100 phonecases per week or maybe more.
Diego BlasThis clients from Chile
We found artisJet on the internet, and my Chinese agent contact with them in order to purchase the first printer, artis BR 1900 which is running good. After one year, my technician and I visited artisJet in Beijing and bought two artis U1800 LED UV printers and got onsite training from their showroom.
Kevin LarsonThis clients from California, USA
I started doing business with artisJet over 8 years ago.We found and contacted with artisJet and we have sent materials to them to print samples for us. We were very happy with the printed samples so we decided to buy it
I selected artisJet among the many Chinese suppliers because they are more professional and the printer is more reliable. They offer sales support in India and I really believe that my decision was correct.
We choose artis 3000T DTG printer. The machine is amazing to print our designs on T-shirts, many customers love our T-shirts. We will do mostly vintage design T-shirts and when the weather becomes cool, we will print long sleeve T-shirts. Maybe we will test other type of garments later.
STEVEThis clients from ARUBA
I was incredibly impressed by the speed and the quality of the print. For many years, I transferred images onto wood to create souvenirs. It was very time consuming and the profit was not too good.
Mr.NareshThis clients from India
Now I want to share a success case to you from India. One of our customers, his name is Naresh, had ever bought our A3 UV flatbed printer for his phone case printing business
Mr.SherifThis clients from Egypt
We want to share a success story with you. One of our client Sherif hossam who run a small phone cases online shop in Egypt, found our phone case printer on our website by chance, he was very impressed and decided to buy it immediately
AlejandroThis clients from Mexico
I planned to start a phone case printing business at the beginning of this year (2013). I was searching a phone case printer on internet, and got contact with artisJet. During March, we have many emails, discussed many details. I like their fast response and professional answer.
RobThis clients from Australia
I was in touch with artisJet since 2010 by calling to their service center first. We have been working in toys and models(Train, house,car,etc) by working with heat transfer and silk screen for my products. Direct print might help us when I first saw this technology.
NicolasThis clients from Mexico
I got in touch with artisJet on October 2012 by mails and since then I have been keeping asking questions to them for every aspects. As their service and communications is fast,so we made decisions in one week and paid to artisJet.
ZivoradThis clients from Croatia Rep
We are user in Croatia Rep. In 2011, we brought an A2 Decoration Printer from artisJet LTD. And now the machine is working very well and I can only say good things about brother-jet and all the support they offered us. Machine works really nice and I do not have any problem with them.