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Adjustment on BR-1400 Flatbed printer program

This is a user guide for the BR-1400 flatbed printer adjustment program.

Before we begin to work with this software, we have to prepare the following items:
1. A working machine. This means the machine should be working properly.

2. The machine with the problem.

3. Connect the flatbed printer with the WORKING machine.

First setting‐ EEPROM Data Copy‐IMPORTANT.
Step 01. Double Click the program and choose Particular adjustment mode.
epson adjustment program

Step 02. Choose the First one‐EEPROM Data Copy and double click.

1) Click Backup.
2) There will be some data after clicking BACKUP.
3) Try save the data or print.
4) Now take away the working machine and connect the BROKEN machine.
5) Then click Restore.

Second setting‐Print Head ID input‐IMPORTANT.
Step 01. Double click Print Head ID Input.
print head id input

Step 02. Input the new head ID and Click the finish button.

Third setting‐Bi‐D adjustment.
Step 01. Double click Bi‐D adjustment.
bi-d adjustment

Step 03. There will be some number from ECO, MC1‐1,MC1‐5,MC2‐4.
Step 04. Put the number from above into the Input & Check.

Fourth setting‐CR motor heat protection control.
Step 01. CR motor heat protection control. Double click.

Step 02. Select CR motor, Main Board, PS Board and CR guide. The
click Perform and wait until it finishes the setting.


BR 1400 FLATBED PRINTER Chips resetting

1. When you start up the printer or finish the printing, the lights behind the ink cartridge are on;

2. Press the buttion of REFILL INK;

3. When the print head moves from the rightest and stops;

4. Press the  buttons of CLIP RESET for 30 seconds,and then let go;

5. Then press REFILL INK again;

6. When the print head comes to original position,the REFILL INK light is off.the printer will self-check and come back to normal;

Artisjet Printing RIP software introduction

1) Open the software: On the desktop we could find two software icons, Use  icon. Then please insert the red keydog and open “white” software.

2) Interface Introduction

3) Import the artwork

Note: We can import one or more than one images into the image stock.

4) Parameter settings: Including four parts LAYOUT/PRINTER/COLOR/WHITE.

The following keys: For quick Setting-up the file position, direction and output print

Top left corner     Top right corner
Center to Page Horizontally (C)       Center to Page Vertically (V)
Center to Page (X)       Rotate
Mirror: when printing transparent materials, we need it.

(1) Layout: The working area/Artwork size/Printing position settings.
a. We need to adjust only three parts: Paper Size/Output Position/Out size/Equal proportion
b. The “Equal proportion” must be “ture” or the printer will be error during the printing.
c. Paper size: we should check the size is 32.9cm*60cm BEFOR each printing.
Output position: we can adjust the printing position accordingly to the material accurately.
X-axis settings is 0.00-32.9; Y-axis settings is 0.00-60.00; But usually we don’t set the Coordinate X=0.00/32.9, Y=0.00/60.00
Output size: this is used for editing the size of artwork accordingly to the material size that you want to print, so pelase keep the same size as the materials to be printed.

(2) Printer: The PRINTER/SETUP settings.
Notice: We need to adjust only two parts: Printer/Setup.

A. Printer: According to your flatbed printer ,please choose the right machine type.
BR1400=Stylus Photo 1390
BR1900=Stylus Photo R1900
BR T-shirt=Stylus Pro 4880
BR Decoration=Stylus Pro 4880
BR A17880=Stylus Pro 7880

B. Port: Select the right port. For BR 1900 flatbed printer that we choose the “EPSON Stylus Photoshop
R1900 Series”.
Note: Make sure that your computer have Installed Driver

C. Spooler: No need to change.

D. Check Paper Size: OFF (Must be OFF), if not, when printing, the flatbed printer will be error.

E. Resolution: If we print color ink only, we set the “color resolution” only, if we print white and color ink, we must set them all.

F. Image type: Normally we choose the Text and Graphics
Note: When your artwork including Letters, you must choose the Text and Graphics.

G. Speed: Unidirection / Bidirection
Unidirection : Feature: High Resolution /Accurate position /Low Speed
Bidirection: Feature: Low Resolution/Inaccurate position /Fast speed
Note: Normally we choose the “Unidirection

(3) Color: We need to adjust the Ink Limit and ink chnnel
We should choose the right ink chnnel according to your ink type.
We could set the color ink limit between 15% to 30%, according to the materials.
If we need to print white ink ,we should set the white ink limit about 30%.

(4) White: we don’t need to set it.

How to do a Print Head Cleaning and Nozzle Checking with Brotherjet-RIP

Shortcut key F10 F11 F12
Direct Printing Nozzle Checking Head Cleaning

Notice: The purpose of nozzle checking and print head cleaning is to check all color ink can print well and keep the ink system work well. So please make nozzle before printing every day.

1. Turn on the flatbed printer and press the Fore button until the bed stops in the control panel.

2. Covering the working table with paper

3. Press “BACK button” until the working table back to the end

4. Press “UP button” until the printer working table Automatically stops, then we could move down it about 2mm to avoid the crash between the print head to the table.

5. Connect the USB cable to the computer. Open the Brother-JET RIP with keydog plugged in,and choose the right printing machine model and the USB port.

6. Print head cleaning:
Make sure the working table is back to the end .Then click “Print head cleaning” or “F12″. and “yes” Please wait for about 2minutes until the print head stops moving.

7. Head nozzles : After print head cleaning, In order to check all color ink can print well ,we should make the head nozzles .click “Nozzle checking” or “F11” and “Yes

8. If the lines of all color ink are no breakpoints, we can print.

How to install the BR1900 flatbed printer Driver and software

Driver installation
Take windows xp operation as example

Brother-jet RIP software installation
IF you have the Brother-jet Software, you can install it as following:
Put the “BR1900 Printer Install CD” into the computer and find the “Brother-jet RIP” file. if your CD is lost, you can visited the for download.

  • 1. Open the “Brother-jet RIP software” and double click the “SETUP.EXE”.
  • 2. Start the installation, then click “next” and choose the right path.
  • 3. Put the RIP insert the computer.

Notice: Usually we use only the “W” icon and won’t use “P” icon.

How to set the position with brotherjet RIP when we printing

Now, Please follow me!
if you use the card/CD/pen/golf or ther jig
We ake card jig for example.
1. We can find the “XY Starting Point” file in the CD.

2. Input the “XY Starting Point” to the BROTHERJET RIP software.

3. Covering the working table with paper, then we can print. “XY Starting point” file.

4. Imput the artwork into the Brotherjet RIP.

5. Clean the surface of cards by napkin dip alcohol. Spary coating on cards evenly and dry them for 5 minutes (not too long).

6. Put your card tray on flatbed according to X,Y lines and use your double-side tape to fasten. Make sure it does not move during printing.

7. Setting the Brotherjet RIP software.

8. Press “up” move flatbed until it stops itselft.
We set printing distance between object and print head to 5mm.
There is a infrared ray go through, if any object obstruct it. The red light will on and cut off the motor which move the flatbed.
The press “down” until the red light off.

9. Everthing is ok! We can print it.

If you don’t use the card\CD\PEN\Golf or other jig, we take one card for example.

1. Print the “XY Starting Point” file as above.

2. Make the card size: width=8.5cm, height=5.4cm

3. Imput the artwork into ther Brotherjet RIP and set the parameter.

4. Put the card on the workingtable. Make sure it does not move during printing.

5. Press “up” move flatbed.
We set printing distance between object and print head to 5mm.

6. Press “back” home and then print.

Ink injected into the ink bottle sequential file

Brotherjet 1900 flatbed printer can use 4 color\ double 4 color \7 color\6color .According to the different ink color of customers using , we should take a different refilling order.
As follows:
1. Please open the brotherjet RIP software.
Click Choose printer “stylus Photo R1900″
Click “Ink Cknnel”

According to your ink color ,Please choose different “Ink Cknnel”.
Notice :
1. Please follow the below sequence refilling, esure that the print color perfect.
2. If you do not need white ink printing, please empty the “W” ink bottle.
1). Five color :

2). Double:

3). Seven color:

4). Seven color:

How to change the parts of Cartridges?

Cartridges is the part of the CISS system ,and it is connected with the ink bottles by ink  tubes. It consists of two parts. So, when the cartridges has some problem, we can change it’s parts .

1.  Remove the chip with tool.

2.  Replace the new part:

Above all steps are the whole process of changing the cartridges parts.

How to get good nozzle check?

When doing nozzle check, color stripes are supposed to be full, like Figure 1.

Figure 1

But sometimes, they look not so good. there are some gaps like Figure 2.

Figure 2

Because that the printer head is clogged, so to clean the head is needed now. Please do followings step by step

1. Let the working table back by pressing Back button. and then make automatic head cleaning one or two times first by F12 from the rip software and try again.

2. If there are still gaps after step 1, Manual head cleaning is needed.

This link to see how to manual cleaning the brotherjet br1900 printhead.

How to put the ink into the printer?

1. Ink filling.

Filling ink into the ink bottles.
1) Open the printer cover and press INK button on the control panel ,then the head will leave it’s home position from the right side to left about 3cm.Wait until the head stops moving. Then move the head to the middle of the working table.

2) Then take out the ink bottles from the Ink stock.

3) Take out all the rubber holders from the ink bottles.

4) Suck the inks fro the ink bottles into the syringe, and then fill the ink into the ink bottles through the holes. Each syringe is for each color. Keep filling inks until the ink levels reaches around 50% of the capacity of each ink bottle.

5) Put the rubber holders into the ink bottles again

6) Finish.

2.Ink following:

We have put all color ink into the ink bottle ,but the CISS ink system still can’t be used, we need to make the whole ink system filling ink.

1) Take out the Cartridges

2) Connect the Syringe to Cartridges. Notice:

A: Put the connector of the syringe totally into the cartridge hole until we can not put inside more.
B: The syringes can not be mixed for colors. Each syringe is for each color.
C:We should keep sucking until we can some inks into the syringe a little.

3) Put the Cartridges back to the carriage and try to press the front of the cartridges as showed in the next picture until we can hear CLICK sound from each cartridges.

4) Move the head manually by hands to its home position(In the right side of the machine).

5) Please find another syringe and the soft tube about 20cm included in the tool package. Connect the soft tube to the syringe.

Then connect the other end of the tube to the waste ink tubes. Try to suck the syringe until some ink come down into the waste ink tank lines. We will need to make the same operation for two waste ink lines in BR1900 .

6) Ink system installation was done.

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