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The Procedure of Removing BR-1900 Flatbed Printer PrintHead

1. The appearance of carriage unit after removing the ink cartridge.

2. Take down the plastic sheet that press the printer head planar cable, there are two places with buckles upside.


3. Take down the round cable that connect the chip touch spot, we can open it slightly with a cylinder tool, it is inserted.

Open the round cable

4. Prepare a hook tool as the picture shows. (we can make it with hard iron wire).

5. Using the hook tool to drag the buckle on the chips, there is a buckle in both left and right side. As the same method when loose the buckle, please pull up one side of touch spot when hook the buckle.

Left side

Right side

6. Take out the chips touch spot (after the buckles are taken down in both sides, we can take out the chips when we lift upward)

the buckle pattern and the round cable socket.

7. Please loose the three screws which fix the flatbed printer head.

8. Take out the printer head, please be careful about the round cable on the flatbed printer head.

How clean the flatbed printer encoder strip and sensor

The structure for the carriage:
1. encoder strip 2. There is a U holder for the encoder strip if you look along the encoder strip. This is sensor.

Step 2. Two holes for putting through the encoder strip.

Encoder strip picture.

How to clean:
Cut off the power.
Take out the encoder strip.
Find a thin flexiable material and cotton.
Cross the cotton onto the flexiable material.This is called cleaning bar.
Put throuth the cleaning bar to the encoder strip.
Push and pull through it.

Change the Block Rubber of Printer Cleaning Unit

1. Appearance of cleaning unit

2. The upper block rubber, first to remove the small spring

3. Press down the front of block rubber with finger, after we press the bottom, move to left then we can drop out the front buckle of block rubber.

4. There are three buckles on the block rubber.

5. There are four pipelines below, 1 and 4 is connected with vent pipe, 2 and 3 is connected with discarded ink pipe.

6. Unplug the four connecting pipes that below the block rubber with forceps in turn.

The Cleaning and Maintenance of Printing head

When the printing head missing color or is blocked up:

First to check whether the external ink offering bottle, ink pipeline and ink bag are out of ink.

Choose the Maintenance  button  and find nozzle cleaning tool to solve the problem.

Using the syringe connected with discarded ink tube to pump 2-3ML ink from the ink freezer recycling place, and then do the printing test. (When pumping ink find the cleaning unit has the air leak phenomenon, then need to change the cleaning unit.)

If it still can’t be solved, please clean the nozzle manually. The manual cleaning operations:Decline the platform about 10 cm away from the nozzle bottom. Press Ink Change Button to make Carriage Unit moved from previous position to the left side, then turn off the power directly. Move  carriage unit to the middle with hand; take out the cartridge which corresponding with the jammed gently. Using the special-purpose nozzle cleaner and syringe equipped with rubber tube which insert to the ink pour of printing head to do the cleaning. (do not need to dismantle the nozzle) Please put a discarded ink container under the nozzle to avoid the discarded ink flow out and pollute the machine. When pushing the syringe please don’t use the great strength. (The big pressure will damage the printer).


  • When do the cleaning by using the printer’s automatic cleaning tool, the continuous cleaning times should no more than twice..
  • If the cleaning unit(nozzle Moistening device) can’t be sealed with the nozzle bottom,will directly affect the nozzle’s intact ink-jet. You need to change the fitting. (Acessories)
  • When using the manual cleaning nozzle, be sure not to spatter liquid in circuit and fittings of signal transmission.
  • When the manual cleaning time is long, after cleaning the nozzle, please push the cleaner completely out of the nozzle and make it dry. Otherwise the
  • important parts of machine will be damaged after start the printer.
  • After the manual nozzle is cleaned, please completely dipping the cleaner at the bottom of nozzle with clean napkin, then push Carriage Unit to the
  • previous position. Lest the rudimental cleaner corrodes the rubber ring of cleaning unit.


Process of BR1900 & 1390 ink pump cleaning

Process of pump cleaning

Step 1: Connect the syringe to the soft ink tube.

Step 2: Drop some cleaning liquid onto the cap top sponges (BR1900 has tow, BR1400 has one).

Step 3: Open the waste ink tank and take out the ink tube from the waste ink bottle.

Step 4: Connect the soft ink tube to the waste ink tube and pull the piston reposefully suck cleaning liquid into the syringe.

Step 5: Repeat step 2 and step 4 to clear the cap top sponges totally.

Step 6: Put the waste ink tube back and the ink pump cleaning is done now.

How to manual cleaning the brotherjet br1900 printhead?

Process of Manual printhead cleaning

Step 01: Pay attention that the working table should be back, then click the INK button and the carriage will from the right side and stop at the position about 3cm to its home position. Then move it by hands to the middle.

Step 02: Turn off the general power.

Step 03: Take out the cartidges.

Step 04: Take a piece of paper to protect the electrical boards from any cleaning liquid.

Step 05: Put a samll container under the printer head.

Step 06: Fill the syringe with the cleaning liquid, connect the soft tube onto the ink cartidge holder. Push the piston SOFTLY until cleaning liquid flows out as strings.

Notice: If some of the holders make higher pressure during pushing the piston, you’d better clean it again 10minutes later, and repeat it until pressure becomes lower.

Step 07: We should dry the wet cartridge holders first after finishing the cleaning. We can apply a hair dryer in order to pick up the drying speed.

Notice: We should move the hair dryer timely or the head will be burned if the temperature is too high.

Step 08: Put the cartridges back, but remember to press them until you hear a click.

After manual head cleaning, another thing you have to do ink pump cleaning.

How to clean the BR1900 wiper blade?

If the wiper blade is dirty after working a period of time, the ink will diffuse and there maybe some smudges on the image printed,and now you have to clean it manually.

1.Firstly, move the carriage to the position and remove the cover as Figure 1 shows.And you could see the cleaning unit as Figure 2 shows.

2. From the back of the flatbed printer, you would see some gears as Figure 3, Turn them to lift up the wiper blade like Figure 4.

3. Now you could start wiping it with cleaning liquid like Figure 5.

Process of Brotherjet BR1900 zero clearing

When the error light and ink light are blinking alternately, or the printer head moves slowly during printing,zero clearing is needed.Please do it as followings.

If your PC system is XP,just do it step by step.

If your PC system is Win7 or vista,please set the program’s compatibility to XP(service pack 2) and run the program as a administrator.

1. Turn on the printing machine with the error light and ink light blinking and let the working table move back to the end.

2. Find out the Zero Clearing program in the folder of the user CD Driver or Driver & software download center as Picture 1

Please Note: Once it is running,it can only be used for 4 times in 20 days on one PC system, so you have to run it on another PC if there are no more days left.

3. Run the software AdjProg. CC and you may see the operation interface as Picture 2

4. Click the button “Particular adjustment mode” and get into the inner drop-down list as Picture 3

5. Double click on the item “Waste ink pad counter” and get into the sub-application interface as Picture 4

6. Check both of the boxes on “Check&Initialization” interface as Picture 5

7. Click the “Initialization” button in the lower right corner and a dialog box will pop up as Picture 6

8. Finally, click the “OK” button, and it is done now.Please restart your machine before printing.

9.If you get an error dialogue box during step 7, please click the “check” button first and then “initialize” button.

How To Unclog The BR1900 Ink tubes When Clogged By The Ink

If the ink in the tube is dry, you are not able to pump it out through the bottom of the cartridge. So you have to clear the tube by injecting cleaning liquid into the tube as followings.

1. Plug the hole both on top of the ink bottle with the stopper

2. Then reverse the ink bottles and pull out the tube which is clogged

3. Tanke out the cartridges and pull out the other end of the tube which is clogged. And prepare a cup to hold the waste fluid.

4. Inject the cleaning fluid into the tube from one end till it flows out from the other end. Pay attention to the quantity of the cleaning fluid, not too much, in case that the ink tube is going to be eroded.

5. Plug the tube back and suck out the ink from the bottom of the cartridge to clear away the residual cleaning fluid.

6. Congratulations, you may print with the flatbed printer now. Wish you wonderfull experience with it!

Process of replacing the printhead

When the printhead is broken, you have to replace it as followings:

1. Take the cartridges out of the carriage unit as the picture shows.

2. Take off the plastic flake which covers the flat cables, there are 2 buckles, you have to separate them from the carriage. Do the same to the other end and take off it.

3. Separeate the flat cable which is inserted into the slot with the chip touches from the carriage with a cylindrical toll

Please note: Be careful of the chip contacts on the flat cable, make sure they would not come off or be removed.

4. Prepare a tool made of hard iron wire like the picture

5. Loose both left and right buckles with the iron toll and then take our the chip contact.