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Wiper Cleaning and Wiper Replacement

Wiper is used to clean the flatbed printer head mirror side during the print(it clean the head every time whenever the flatbed printer carriage moves left and right). The wiper is made by silicon rubber which is soft to protect the printer head.

Tools needed:
1. Cleaning Pad or none-woven fabric.
2. Cleaning Agent.

Cleaning the wiper
Wiper driving gear location. Look
Wiper driving gear

Wiper Driving Gear
Wiper driving gear

Rotate the Gear and look at the pump position, until the wiper rotates up.
Rotate the Gear

Turned UP Wiper
Turned UP Wiper

Clean the wiper with cleaning pad and cleaning agent until  there is dirty on the wiper.
Clean the wiper

Wiper Replacement
1. Take out the wiper and drag the wiper out.

Take out the wiper

2. Put back the new wiper and turn on the machine.

How to replace the CR Scale strip with a new one.

1. Release the Carriage lock, and move the Carriage Unit to the center, Click the cleaning button on control panel.the carriage unit will be move to the to the center.
2.  Pull the right end of the encoder strip in the direction of the arrow, and remove the encoder strip from the Tab on the Right CR Shaft Mounting Plate.
3. Draw out the right end of the CR Scale towards the left direction from the rear of the Carriage Unit.
4. Remove the coil section of Torsion Spring 24.7 from the Tab on the Left CR Shaft Mounting Plate with tweezers.

5. Turn the CR Scale 90º, and remove it from the Tab on the Left CR Shaft Mounting Plate.

6. Remove the encoder strip from the slot on the CR Encoder.
7. Pass the CR Scale through the slot on the CR Encoder.

How to replace the pump for BR-1800 series printers

1. Remove the Machine Upper covering

2. Remove the C.B.S. M3 x 8 screw that secures the Earth Cable to remove the Earth Cables, and untie the Earth Cable from the Relay Connector Cable.

3. Disconnect the Pump Motor Connector from the Relay Connector.

4. Remove the two C.B.S. M3 x 6 screws that secure the Ink pump assy.

5.  Remove the two C.B.S. M3 x 6 screws that secure the Right Support Frame, and remove the Right Support Frame from the Main Frame.

6.  Remove the Ink pump Unit downwards from the Main Frame.

7.  Reinstalling the new Ink pump unit.

Reinstalling The BR-1800 Printer CR Motor

1. Remove the Machine Upper covering

2. Disconnect the Printer CR Motor Connector Cable from the Relay Connector, Removing the CR Motor Connector Cable

3. Press the Driven Pulley toward the center to loosen the CR Drive Belt, and remove the CR Drive Belt from the CR Motor Pinion Gear.

4. Remove the two C.B.S. M3 x 4 screws that secure the CR Motor, and remove the CR Motor from the Main Frame.

5. Reinstalling the CR Motor, Make the Lot No. printed surface on the CR Motor face the direction shown in the figure below.

Replace the BR-1800 Printer Print Head

1. Move the Carriage Unit to the center and remove the ink damper.
2. Release the Print Head FFC Guide from the three Tabs to remove the FFC Guide from the Carriage Unit.

3. Remove the three C.B.P. M2.6 x 8 screws that secure the Print Head using No.1 Phillips Screw Driver, and vertically lift the Print Head to remove.

4. Remove the two Head FFCs from the Print Head.

5. Reinstalling the Print Head
The screws must be tightened. while the Print Head is held down in the direction of the arrow.

Make sure that the Pad is attached at the position

The Print Head must be installed with the Guide Pins of the Carriage Unit aligned with the positioning holes on the Print Head.

Troubleshooting of Communication Error – The printer does not operate at Connect printer

Check Point

1. Check that the Connector Cable of the Power Supply Board is connected to the Main Board Connector CN7.
Connect the Connector Cable of the Power Supply Board to the Main Board Connector CN7.

2. Check that the blue colored pin of the Power Supply Board Connector cable is inserted into the 1 Pin of the Main Board Connector CN7 as shown in the above picture.
Reconnect the Power Supply Board Connector cable so that the blue colored pin is inserted into the 1 Pin.

3. Check that the Fuse F1 on the Power Supply Board has not blown.
Replace the Power Supply Board with a new one.
power supply fuse f1

4. Check the components on the Power Supply Board for damage.
Replace the BR-1800 Power Supply Board with a new one.

BR-1800 Printer Malfunction and Fix Parts Three

8. No ink come out while printing
Malfunction analysis:
Ensure the print head nozzles are not blocked, but no ink come out while printing; the problem might be caused by broken main board which might be mainly caused by that the print head is not installed correctly or the cables connected incorrectly which caused short circuit happen.
Check the print head and its cables and see if need to replace any part. then change the mainboard
Pay more attention when installing the mainboard

9. The print head moves out in high speed, crash towards left side when getting online.
Malfunction analysis:
The encoder strip is dirty, its sensor can’t read the signal; or the friction is increasing.
First check the stainless steel sliding way(oriented sliding way) and oriented steel piece; ensure move smoothly.
Check the encoder strip and its sensor; ensure no any damage; check the print head cable.

After solving this malfunction, a print head alignment (on the flatbed printer driver) is needed.

10. No click sound while pressing the direction buttons on control panel
Malfunction analysis:
Control panel, 40pin cable, SCM board, the cable slot, position sensors or their cables are damaged.
a.Check all the mentioned parts .
b.The position sensors are broken or connected incorrectly, press the keys on control panel, but no respond. Check the sensor 2 and sensor 3.

11. LCD shows nothing or black screen
You can try to adjust like the following picture shows, if they do not work, please change a LCD panel.
A.The LCD panel still shows nothing after changing the SCM board.
a.LCD shows nothing
b.Use a screwdriver
c.Turn left or turn right to do the mini adjustment.
d.Until the message shows clearly.

B. The background of the LCD panel becomes dark after using for a long time, the LCD panel needs to be replaced.

12. General error
A.The platform dash out, monitor on driver shows “general error”
Malfunction analysis:
In the process of getting ready, the platform rush out a little(just to the front position sensor place), and the print head moves normally, the monitor shows “general error”. The wrong position light and refill ink light are blinking at the same time. This problem is caused by the wheel or wheel sensor. They are not in correct position or the cable not in good condition.
Remove the dustproof cloth, give light to the inside. Adjust the wheel sensor position correctly. Check the cable connection.

B.After printing, the print head goes back to its initial position ,”general error” appear

Malfunction analysis:
The friction between print head carriage and sliding way is too strong, or encoder strip and its sensor is dirty.
Clean the stainless steel sliding way, encoder strip and encoder strip sensor, then lubricate the sliding way.

C.Get online normally, after sending a printing task or nozzle check, “general error” appear
Malfunction analysis:
Print head or print head cable problem.
Change print head or print head cable.

BR-1800 Printer Malfunction and Fix Parts Two

3.Ready light and refill light are blinking
Malfunction analysis:
One of inks is run out; ink chip or its cable broken.

  • a.(Refill light on the control panel is off ) in the monitor, shows one of the ink is run out. Press the “clean” button on control panel for one click, the print head will be released. 3 seconds later, press “clean” key again. The ink will be cleared to 0 again.
  • b. (Refill light is on) meanwhile the printer is printing, press the “Clean” key, the print head will move by its way, after this the flatbed printer will continue to finish its printing task.
  • c.If the above steps do not work, the problem might be related to the ink chip or its cable.

Following it’s the steps of how to replace them:
Firstly, choose “printing preference” on the printer driver, and find out which ink cartridge is the reason for the problem, then find out the broken ink chip.

b.Secondly, remove the printer cover.

remove the cover

c.Thirdly, remove the matched cartridge ink chip.

remove ink chip

d. Fourthly, replace it with a new ink chip.
4.Ink scattering
Malfunction analysis:
The space between the print head and the surface of material is too far
Static electricity too strong(flatbed printer without grounding)
The coating sprayed on the material is not so good

  • Ensure the space between is 2-2.5mm
  • Connect the grounding
  • Clean the coating with flushing for coating, and spray again.

5.Horizontal lines appear
Malfunction analysis:
After long-term running, the sliding way needs to be cleaned and lubricated.
Clean and lubricate the printing movement parts, such as the encoder strip, stainless steel sliding way,oriented steel piece.

6.Ink drop from the print head
Malfunction analysis:
After sucking the waste ink by syringe, the operator forget to do automatic head cleaning.
The ink bottles are put too high.
The special environment causes.
After sucking the waste ink by syringe ,you need to do automatic head cleaning;
Check the ink level,  put the ink bottles in a lower position.

7.The platform moves normally, but printer cannot get online(ready to print)
Malfunction analysis:
Power board broken;
11-pin cable broken;
Platform doesn’t go to the front most position
Control panel broken;
Main board broken.
Replace the power board;
Check the 11-pin cable;
Check the platform movement;
Check the control panel board.
If still not solve ,replace the main board.

Adding Lubricating Grease

1.Click the “Clean” button to release the cartridge. Move the cartridge to the middle after the cartridge stops moving.

2.Use a tissue to clean the sliding way completely.

sliding way

clean the printer sliding way

3.Take out a box of lubricating grease.

4.Take a little of lubricating grease to your finger and then add it to the sliding way evenly.

add lubricating grease lubricating grease

5.Move the cartridge from right to the left and then left to the right for several times.

6.Click the “Clean” button again.

BR-1800 Printer Malfunction and Fix Parts One

1 .wrong position or load paper improperly or printing table(platform) install improperly.
A.The print head carriage goes to the left side for a while, then goes back to its initial position.

Malfunction analysis:

  • a)The platform doesn’t stay at its ready-to-print Position when the printer is given command to print.
  • b)Load media sensor(sensor 0) or its cables is broken.
  • c)Wheel or wheel sensor is dirty or broken.


  • a)Restart the printer and make sure the platform is in correct position
  • b)Check the load media sensor(sensor 0) and its cable and see if it is install correctly. If any damage, please replace it.
  • c)Check the wheel, the wheel sensor and its cable, see if it’s install correctly. If any damage, please replace it.

B.Refill ink light and wrong position light are blinking alternatively
Malfunction analysis
The waste ink pad counter reaches its maximum value
Error phenomenon
Printer driver monitor appears “service request”.
“Parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life. See your printer’s documentation for details.”

a.Log in the windows system as administer, make the printer be online already, and open the “Zero Setting” folder, make sure no files lost, and double-click “ APSPR1800_Ver10.exe”.

b.Click “Particular adjustment mode”

c.Please choose the stylus photo R1800 manually.

d.Choose “Waste ink pad counter”.

e.In the window “Read” we can get count the value from the waste ink. Click “Initialization” button, the waste ink value will be “1770 points”.

f.If the zero setting has been done successfully, the below window will pop up.

g.If  the below error pops up, please check if the USB port was chosen correctly or whether the software was run by administrator.

h.Close the software and restart your printer.

1. wrong position or load paper improperly or printing table(platform) install improperly.

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