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BR-U1800 uv printer control panel function guide

For moving back the working table, One click is about 5mm; If press on it for over 3seconds, the table will move in until to the end.
For moving out the working table. One click is about 5mm; If press on it for over 3seconds, the table will move out until to the end.
For moving down the working table, One click is about 2mm; If press on it for over 3seconds, the table will move down until to the down limit bottom.
This is for moving up the working table, One click is about 2mm; If press on it for over 3seconds, the table will move up until to the up limit.
This is for mini moving up the working table, One click is about 0.5mm
This is for mini moving down the working table, One click is 0.5mm
When the indicator is off, Press Ready button for once, the indicator will be on. The printer will start to ready to print state. Shut down the power, you must to press Ready button to shut off the printer befor.
This is for delete your task when printing
This is for head cleaning and ink cartridges resetting
This is button for the direct flatbed printer suck ink by itself, press it three seconds, the machine will such ink by itself

BR-U1800 Technical Advantages Presentation

General Information
Thank you for investing in a UV 1800 printer . As you are getting familiar with your new purchase, kindly take the time to go thru this presentation for an in depth understanding of its functionalities and capabilities.

U1800 UV LED direct printing system was launched since 2011 with continuous improvements. When mentioning the UV LED printers, the most important factors are ink system, UV LED Curing system, Automatic control system and anti-ink flying systems. BrotherJet UV system differs from other companies in the above mentioned factors. Whether your are new to digital printing or an experienced operator this presentation should be relevant and informative to help you succeed in your day to day printing tasks.

This technical presentation is an advanced technical overview of the printer, keep it available for future reference.

ArtisJet LED UV Printing Technology Main Features
ArtisJet UV LED Curing System is All-In-One built-in Digital Control System particularly featured by: FOIF, COD and VCL. Equipped with 24pcs 2Watts UV lamps, BR curing system saves the electricity power energy .Our Main features:
uv led lamp

  • ECO friendly to environment and Human Quiet, no noise.
  • Visible of chilling system industrial liquid, safety protect
  • Easy to control based on flexibility and smart by One click
  • Quiet operation, suitable to run in any environment even home
  • Smart and small intelligent UV LED recycling system.

uv printer control systemFOIF System–Flash On Ink Firing System.
Intelligently powered by BrotherJet FOIF system, BJ UV1800 printer electronically activates the UV LEDs when firing ink only, maximizing the Printer Head value(8 months) and lamp life value to 25,000 working hours. Its protecting the whole ink system at the same including ink pump, wiper, damper, and cap tops.

COD System—Control On Demand System.
Designed for flexibility and simplicity, BrotherJet COD system is offering digital controls for the UV LED Working way for different materials and working environments. It allows to control the UV LED in more flexibility of Curing direction( Bi-direction, Uni-direction) on printing demand and delivers the best printing color quality and drying speed. I.E, for glass print in cold environment, we would work with BI-Direction printing to ensure the best printing quality . Controlled by one click on BrotherJet control panels.

SWCC System—Safe Water Cooling Control System.
Designed for safety and simplicity, ArtisJet SWCC system is working with digital industrial chilling system and liquid in low running cost. With 300ML of industrial cooling liquid recycling system ,the SWCC liquid inside lasts for 1 year until refilled. The chilling liquid level is visible and refillable on demand to avoid the burn of UV lamps due to the lack of liquid in the recycling chilling system.

Y Axis Movement Control SystemY Axis Movement Control System
Y axis movement refers to the paper/media feeding system when the working table moves front or back. Instead of reading data from the main board by mechanical sensors as other printer makers, BrotherJet U1800 system is equipped by DDR( Patented) Digital Data Reading System from PF scale directly to ensure the para-position matching especially when for multiple repeat prints.

Print Benefits:
1.100% data reading and transferring from main board to the printer.
2. Accurate position printing between Y and X asix.
3.Execellent Position Matching when multiple prints.
4.Save Printing Cost in case of wrong prints.
5.Sharp and exquisite color performances.
6.High resolution print 0.5mm letters to real 5760*2860DPI.
7.White and color print combination 100%.

Automatic Repeat Print System
Based on full consideration for industrial printing and quantity printing, ArtisJet U1800 printer is powered by our own patent digital SCM control system to deliver the most convenient and stable quantity print. Multiple prints is done by just one click on control panel with BR APR(Patent) System.

Print Benefits:
1. For industrial quantity print once available.
2. 1 time output from software for up to 200 prints.
3. Easy to run by one click to AUTO button on BR Control System.
4. Memory saving CPU stocking the artwork until you return on the printer.

ATS System
UV LED featured as pigment with bigger partial nano and fast drying speed in good durability for most of the materials, and the ink partial is flying during the print in vaporific. Due to the static in the machine when connected to electricity power . ArtisJet researched and launched the solution by innovating the Anti-Static-Bar by absorbing the static to solve the problem.

Print Benefits:
1. Clear print even on transparent materials, no smug during the print on the edge of the print.
2. Keep the machine clean especially the encoding system and ink systems (Head).
3. Less cleaning maintenance work.
4. Safer to work with ,no static harm to the user.
5. Protect the circuits from damage due to the static.

Green UV LED Advance Ink
ArtisJet DTS-U2 UV LED inks is made strictly to the International InkJet Association.
*Officially recognized with MSDS file ,it is Safe and less harmful.
Based on IATA management, our ink is fully accepted by DGM authorization.
*Patch production in same standards.

Print Benefits:
1.Safe and harmless to human being / working environment.
2.100% real output color performances.
3. Easy access to get Shipped by express in 3-4days.
4. Professional /Customized ICC profiles are easy to get on demand.
5. Stable reminding quality as always.

How to fill the uv led inks

CISS system is built inside of BR-U1800 small uv flatbed printer needs ink refilling not and then depending on your printing volume ,filling way is important to avoid further problems during the print.

Tools needed:
Funel, each for each color, UV LED Inks.

1. Take out the ink bottle/s.

2. Open the ink bottle cover/s.

3. Put the funnel into the ink bottle and Fill the inks in.

Danger: Please keep the funnel end next to the side of the ink bottles when filling the inks or there will be air coming therefore cause the bad nozzle check.

Install the driver and BR-1800 RIP software

Befor using the printer, please intall the driver and BR RIP software.

1. Driver installing
Pleas find the right dirver for your computer’s operating system in the Brotherjet CD, and install it according to the following steps. If the CD is missing or broken, you can also download it from our website.

2. BR white RIP Software installing
Please find the white rip application in the brotherjet cd, and in stall it according to the following steps, If the CD is missing or broken, you can also download it from our website. Please note that RIP dongle should plugged in firsly. After the installation is done, there will be two incons on your PC system desktop, one is “w” and another is “P”. We only need to use “W” icon.

How to print phone case jig with BR-1800 A3 UV printer

1. Open the “iphone 5 jig” file in “Adobe ILLustrator” software.

2. Choose the “IPHONE 5.jig” artwork in the CD, and import it into “Adobe ILLustrator” software.
photo insert

3. Typeset the artwork in the jig.

4. Delete those extra lines but save the frame and the artwork. Output the file and save it as “png” format.

5. Open the “iphone 5 jig-artwork1.png” file with BR RIP SOFTWARE
open image with br rip

6. Make parameter settings.
parameter settings

7. Make white ink printing settings.

white ink setting

8. Begin to printing the white layer

Printing the white ink

9. Reset the print platform and make color ink printing.
color ink printing

LED-UV Lamp instruction and installtion / precaution

LED-UV Lamp’s cooler Installation

Machine connection:Before refill water to the water tank, First turn the power to “0″; Connect the Outlet and Intake with tube; Make sure power off, and plug the power cable.

Refill water:Open the filling cover on the top of the water tank , and turn the cover to the biggest hole, and refill the water with the water bottle, Need the total of 500ML water or until the water tank is full .After refilling please close the cover. When refilling make sure there is no water leaks out.

Water pump adjustment:After refilling, turn on the power and check the pump carefully. If the water cycling in the tubes it means the pump is fine; if it can not or appears bubble,Pls take off the outlet tube, The cooler will exhaust the air inside the water tank and tubes, After that, plug the outlet tube back. When adjusting the water pump check carefully weather the tube connected well or not (no leaks in outlet and intake it means fine).

Adjust the UV Lamp:After adjust pump, Please turn the power key slowly(from 0 to100), to observed the Lamp is working properly. LED-UV Lamp is able to adjust form dark to light, it means fine.

How to turn off the Lamp:Turn the power key to 0 and turn off the power after ONE minute.

LED-UV Lamp precaution

Each time before using the machine, check that the water pump is working properly, we must Make sure pump working properly in order to use LED lights, so as not to damage the LED Lamp.

When refilling water, be careful not to drop the water into the cooler to prevent damage to the machine parts; After refilling can not erected the cooler to prevent water overflow and damaged machine parts.

UV timer is a time machine. The zero should lock the timer switch on click lock switch that zeroing redisplay the time machine.

Water temperature gauge will automatically display the cold water temperature

Please do not watch directly to the lamp when it’s working.

Lamp:Turn the power key to 0 and trun off the power after ONE minute.