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artisJet printers business specially featured

Cell phone cover/laptop/pads/notes printing business is our main focus for the printing equipments printing jobs since 2011. We have been focusing on the equipments development, inks retention, consumables study for the covers, softwares, etc. We are now ready for different users in different situations with full solutions, with us, you can just start or expand the business by focusing on your marketing and good products, we do others for you.

This business is specially featured as following:

  • 1. Small investment.
    You can start your business with like 1000-2000USD to start your own business even. So its suitable for any aged business runners, no matter you are a new graduate or in any other levels or situations.
  • 2. Quick return.
    As this is business is for personalized things and actually it has no standard marketing for the products, only if you can meet the clients request and make the customers happy. Normally sales price is around 5-30USD for each phone case( take Iphone 5 for example) . Normally we can sell around 10pcs to 20pcs a day. This essential factor is related to the printing or product cost which will be explained and cleared in the next page.
  • 3. Easy running.
    You do not have to professional for all, you just need to know how to take photos, how to adjust the photo size, and how to run the print in 1 or 2 steps.
  • 4. Flexible business market channels.
    You can make a website for online sales, join in the local or global e-market places like Amazon, ebay, etc very quick without any cost. You can also make sales in the shopping malls, sell the cases in some occasions, companies, even family meetings, parties, etc.
  • 5. Comprehensive capabilities to match all special request.
    Even there are many clients with their different loved cell phones, we can make the products for all of them, and there is no limit for the phone brands, phone models, and photos. Not only I phone, Samsung, HTC, but also Sony, Motor, HUAWEI, Black berry,etc; not only cell phone covers, but also laptop covers and note/pad covers.