Brother-Jet UV printer, Inkjet UV flatbed printers

Brother-Jet UV printer

Main Parameters

  • Work size: 47.24*35.43/ 51.18*98.42/ 98.42*70.86/ 78.74*118.11 inch
  • Max Resolution: 720*2880DPI.
  • Print Head: Konica 512, MN 14PL .


  • printing speed: 8-24 m2/h
  • Three years of durability for outdoor printing.
  • Vacuum table with four zones.
  • Equipped with double direct sliding orbit.
  • Double encoding system in X and Y avoids the damage from long working on the machine.


BROTHER-JET UV printer applicable to a wide range of materials, including hard media like glass, ceramic tile, wood, pvc, acrylic, leather, etc. Many of our clients are printing on doors for the decoration as well.

Using environmental friendly UV technology with non-plate and non-mesh process, BROTHER-JET UV Flatbed printer can print onto almost all the flexible and hard materials. You can achieve efficient processing with small foot print, single operation and easy use. It is good match for small to medium runs in many fields such as advertisement, decoration, glass processing, etc.

Advanced printer head
BROTHER-JET UV flatbed printer Using Konica Minolta KM512-14pl print heads, the max print resolution can reach up to 1440dpi. Photo-print and maintop Rip software with “Feather” processing options get vivid and sharpness printed images.

5 colors
Basic 4 colors, 5 colors, white options are available. White options of overlay white, underlay white, fill white, spot white and under color white achieve wonderful white applications.

Accurate position setting
Unique two ways print function of printing forward and backward at ease, which makes overlay white and underlay white options easy to switch, and saves X-beam's returning time.
Integrated P.H. capping device while in parking protects the nozzles from light and dust automatically, which extends print heads using time and reduces ink usage. The bed is equipped with media locating pins for accurate materials replacement, which results in repeated accuracy between prints.

UV special features:

  • 1.Accurate positioning system: Ensure high quality of flatbed printing image without pass.
  • 2.Constant voltage and constant temperature ink supply makes the printing compatible with different environment.
  • 3.Applied Konica printing system for industrial printing with stability and high output.
  • 4.Three years of durability for outdoor printing.
  • 5.Vacuum table with four zones.
  • 6.Equipped with double direct sliding orbit.
  • 7.Double encoding system in X and Y avoids the damage from long working on the machine.
  • 8.Double servo motor. Apply Panasonic servo motors to keep the printing more stable and accurate
  • 9.Sub-pressure system. Apply SMC system for the ink control
  • 10.Super data communications. Apply all the cables made in Japan to avoid mis-communications
  • 11.Super chaining system IGUS made in Germany

Details of machine picture


Working size47.24*35.43/ 51.18*98.42/ 98.42*70.86/ 78.74*118.11 inch
PrintHead technologyKonica 512, MN 14PL (Japan)
Max Print resolution720*2880 dpi
Printing speed8-24m2/h
Max printing thickness10cm
Color range168,000,00
TableVacuum table with 4 zones
Printing technologyDro-on-demand Piezo Electric
Positioning modeInk drop search positioning system
UV LampOEM Made in China/Intergration made in UK
X printing methodBidirectional
Y printing methodRepeat printing
Head protectionAuto cleaning
Ink systemCISS sub-pressure
Working environmentTemperature16-20oC; Humidity: 40%-70%
Suitable SoftwarePhotoprint/maintop

Printing Samples

  • Glass printing
  • Glass printing
  • Glass printing
  • PVC sheet printing
  • Corrugated sheet printing
  • PVC sheet printing
  • Plastic sheet printing
  • pvc printing
  • Ceramic tile printing
  • Aluminum printing
  • Aluminum printing
  • Aluminum printing

Question and answer

Q:What is the max printing height?
A:The max printing height is 100mm?
Q:What is the capacity of the tanks?
A:The capacity of the tanks is 1L inks.
Q:Can the tanks be refilled during the printing process?
A:Yes, we can refill the tanks during the printing process. Since the ink system is CISS.
Q:Which RIP software do you recommend for the printer? Is the software provided together with the printer?
A: usually recommend our client work with the software Photo print. Yes, the standard package has included the software.
Q:What kind of ink do you use? Solvent, Eco Solvent or others?
A:BR UV printer is working with UV inks imported from TOYO(Japan) UV solidify ink, dry instantly right after printing with high firmness.
Q:What is the pricing of the ink?
A:The price of inks is 150USD/L/COLOR.
Q:How many tanks are in the printer? 5, 6 or 8? Which filling with white option? (C, M, Y, K, K, K, W, W)
A:There are 5 tanks in the printer, but we can add up to 16 print heads, it is optional. The white color also with one printhead like other color. It is possible to make white filling by C,M,Y,K ,W.
Q:What if a printing head is spoiled? Can I exchange it by myself or do I need professional help?
A:Yes.You can change it yourself after reading our service menu and videos for the guidance. We will need to change a new head and do the calibration accordingly. P.S: We have all the service menus in PDF format and videos. And we can send the printhead to you directly.
Q:Can a sixth printing head added later on or must this be integrated and calibrated during the original purchase?
A:Yes.It is optional.But we will have to install the ink system or ink route for more colors in advance when you make the purchasing order. And when you need ,you just need to install the new head onto the head holders.
Q:Can I pay a deposit and then after you sent out the machine, we will pay the left?
A:Yes, you can pay us 50% first for introduction, and then before we send out the machine, and then you can pay the left before we sent out the machine. We will keep you updated about the process.
Q:How long you need to prepare after making payment?
A:It needs about 15-29 working days to prepare the machines for you before delivery.

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