BrotherJet BR-TX4880 A2 Direct To Garment T-shirt printer

Our Major
  • 8 colors with best color performances.
  • Real color printing on t-shirts.
  • Fast production in low cost.
  • Auto Repeat printing.
  • A2 plus length, can print two t-shirts per time.
  • Light and dark garments direct printing.

Main features:
  • Easy to use.
  • Excellent was- ability for light and dark shirts.
  • Superb detail...better than screen print!
  • Print from any graphics program including photoshop,CorelDraw,etc.
  • BrotherJet Blazer Express is portable for events.
  • Excellent support - 24/7.
  • Print on 100% cotton, 50/50, caps, and more.
  • NEW - Print on 100% light polyester.
  • Ink costs of 15 to 40 cents per print for light shirts.
  • Safe, water-based textile ink - solvent and odor free.
  • Brilliant color and prints! Very soft hand and feel!
  • Perfect for individual shirts or production runs.
  • Immediate printing on getting the orders from your clients.
  • High production speed. THREE and SIX pcs of t-shirts can be printed at one pass of printing.

Industry Analysis
  • Heat transfer and silk screen Inkjet printing onto garments is no longer a good choice and came out of date with the digital printing technology development. Over the last few years the prints have become much more durable and the quality and wash-ability is now equal to and even better than screen printing.
  • From short runs or even one-off prints to large production runs, the BrotherJet has been proven by large and small companies choose over and over again.
  • We have been the leader in this technology and brought our years of digital printing experience to play when designing the T-Jet line. In fact, we have sold many machines to the world wide and we were the pioneer company to introduce the pigment water-based white inkjet ink to the industry!
  • Brotherjet has been in the direct to garment printing industry for years since 2005. With our limited and unlimited experiences, we have been trying to provide.
  • If you are a screen printer, the BrotherJet is perfect for short runs, full-color images on light and dark shirts, and samples for customers. You will take jobs you normally turned down. Even though the ink cost is higher than screen print inks, there are no separations, no films, no screens, no press setup and no mess.
  • Press a button and print any image the clients like on a shirt. If you are an embroider, the Brotherjet-Jet is nirvana! You don't need to learn screen printing! If you are starting a business, there is less learning curve to this process or screen printing or embroidery. You will be printings shirts the same day you get your machine.
Business opportunities

Growing with our users and analyzing the Direct to Garment, Brotherjet does not only provide the products but also our ideas and successful business runners' experiences about how to start or how to enhance the existing business for quicker investment return.

New business Starter, To play to make high profits.
Wondering what to do after graduation, quitting the bad boss or want more money during spare time in a small investment but with quicker and high return? Take a look at Brotherjet T-shirt solution.

What I need to have to start?
  • 1. Initial idea to run an own business. To be your own boss, want financial independence, want to be creative freedom, maximize the value of skills and knowledge.
  • 2. A computer to work with.
  • 3. Able to work with common photo program.(Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc)
  • 4. A room or place at home with an area around 3-5square meters.
  • Able to work with website or have relations with promotional industry.You are ready for the business.

What if I am not familiar with the printing technology?
  • This sector is important for you and more important to direct to garment team. We have our customer service and training team ready for you until you get your desired products and all the capabilities to play with your printers for all the aspects regarding the problem shooting and daily maintenance.

How can I market the products?
  • The market is huge for your products. The most fast and efficient way for the marketing is online marketing by making your website with your designed garments. And the possible clients are: meeting occasions, company activities, public holidays, Scene places, important private occasions (birthday, memory date, etc), sport club, college, promotional activity and to more.
New technology for printing on garments!
  • The BrotherJet line is the hottest inkjet-to-garment printer in the industry. It is being used by everyone from home based businesses, to retail stores, screen printers, embroiders - all the way to large internet companies with dozens of "banks" of machines doing thousands of shirts per day! It is a very robust production machine that prints outstanding images on light and dark shirts!
  • The BR-printer prints on light and dark garments, towels, panties, shorts, bibs, bandanas, aprons, tote bags, socks and more. The BR T-shirt printer is our most popular model. You can print up to 420*850mm.
  • The BrotherJet DTG Printer is great for small and large jobs. With an ink cost of less than 20 cents per shirt (standard print size on light shirts) and speeds of 60 to 80 seconds for a standard size image you can get great production! The BrotherJet Printer uses four color plus white(CMYK+WWWW) inkjet technology to give you outstanding vibrant prints on light and dark garments. The powerful BR RIP software is compatiable with most graphic programs, like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel draw. It's not only support white ink printing, but also the printing setting, like position, ink limited, ICC profile.etc, realize better quality printing of more vivid colors.
  • Both machines have easy head height adjustments up to 15cm. You can hook more than one machine to a single computer (optional software) for higher production.
  • BR T-shirt printer prints are with high wash resistance. The printed t-shirt only needs to dry by heat press, no other additional treatment or process needed. BR A2 t-shirt printer is based on Epson 4880, that is a industrial printer, so that gives you far more value and useful service life than cheaper/less expensive printers that use home based printer. It is designed to run 24/7 day-in and day-out!

Inkjet directly to garments. It's as easy!

ModelBR-TX4880 A2
Max Printing size 16.5"*35.4" (420*850mm) capable for two pcs of t-shirts
Photo quality2880*1440dpi
ink channel 8 color (4-CMYK, 4 White) 180 nozzles/ color. Optional dual CMYK.
Printing interfaceUSB 2.0 high speed interface & 100 Base-T Ethernet interface
applicationmaterials : cotton t-shirt, fabric, polyester
Printing methodDrop on Demand (non-contact micro piezoelectric ink-jet printing technology; micro piezoelectric printing technology; VSDT; intelligent nozzle clogging sensor system). 180nozzle/color*8; VSDT
printing speed for one t-shirt≈1.5min/A4 Size
Production capacity500pcs t-shirts/8 working hours
white ink printing for black t-shirtt-shirt RIP for better printing
Auto adjustment functionNozzle automatic detection; print head automatic aligning.
Machine size 1200*900*650mm
G.W. 150 KGs
Height adjustmentAuto Sensor
Normal working environment10-35°Chumidity 20-80RH
Power/ Voltage≈75W / 110V/220V 50-60HZ
Operational softwareCompatible
Machine configurationUSB line; driving software; power line; instruction book; washing and ink-joiner tools
Operation system Windows 2000 / XP / WIN7/ Vista, etc.

Users in the world:

Printing Samples

How it works

Create images with Graphic Programs by Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc and import to BR-RIP(included)

Use customer supplied images, scan, from a photo, take a picture with a digital camera or create graphics and modify yourself with Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, etc. You can also create images using the very powerful BR-RIP included with every Brotherjet-Jet (Included)

Print an image in a minute!

The BrotherJet is very easy to use; simply load a garment on the shirt holder and press the Load-In button. The printer does the rest. Most images print in about a minute on light shirts.

Cure garment with heat press or dryer.

Print images with our specially formulated BR ink for textiles. Textiles BR ink is a water-based pigment ink that when properly cured/dried is very durable and wash fast. You can use a simple heat transfer press (included) to cure the prints, or a larger conveyor screen print dryer.

Make-money. Have happy customers. Have Fun!

The BrotherJet loves to print full color images on light shirts easily with bright and true colors. We have the best white ink in the industry. It is durable and very bright! Print one shirt or hundreds, Charge full retail for short runs. Turn around jobs the same day! Print caps, mouse pads, shorts and towels.

Question and answer

Q:Does this machine can only print on T-shirt?
A:It can print on all kinds of textile at 100% cotton, 50% cotton and polyester.And it could print on paper and card board, carton, ID lace.
Q:Could it print on other rigid materials, like wood, acrylic, promotional items?
A:A2 T-shirt printer can fill in two kinds of inks:
1)Water based ink: it's used to print T-shirt, textile, paper and card board.ect
2)Eco solvent ink: it's used to print rigid materials, such as wood, acrylic, plastic, ABS, glass, metal.ect So, if you want to print on rigid materials, you could fill in eco solvent ink. As we can only fill in one kind of inks in the machine at one time, so it can not print both materials at one time.
Q:What are the colors of T-shirt can be printed?
A: Our T-shirt printer can print all kinds of colors t-shirt.When you print on white/light color T-shirt, we could print directly on the T-shirt.When you print on dark color T-shirt, we must print a white ink layer firstly, then print colorful picture on the white layer.
Q:Does it must be sprayed a coating firstly?
A:No, all the T-shirt can be printed directly. Even when you print on dark color T-shirt, with our new launched magic white ink, you do not need to spray a coating firstly.
Q:What's the differences between magic white ink and traditional white ink?
1. Coating: magic white ink is a chemical which can wash the black color away, so it does not need coating. Traditional white ink must be spray a coating on T-shirt before white ink printing.
2. Touch: the printed T-shirt by magic white ink touches as soft as the T-shirt itself. The Coated traditional white ink touches roughly and the printed picture is easy to rhagadia.
3. head clog: magic white ink does not cause head clog, the traditional coated white ink causes head clog easily. But the corrosivity of magic white ink is very strong, so, you must make a cleaning after your printing, otherwise, the printhead maybe demaged by magic white ink.
4. Color: The white color printed by white magic ink is not very pure white, as it just washs the black color away, so, I think you can understand it's not very pure, it's a little bit yellow, attached the pictures for your reference.
Q:What's the print process by this printer?
1). Design the artwork by Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator or other software.
2). Put the T-shirt on T-shirt jig, and put them on the working table
3). Import the design on RIP software, printing setting, and click “print”.
4). When the printing finished, put the printed T-shirt into heat press to heat it.
Q:What's the max printing thickness of the machine?
A:The max printing thickness is 15cm
Q:How much are the inks?
A:BRT4 water based ink C,M,Y,K: USD200/L, Magic white ink: USD300/L, You could buy 500ML or 1L per color.
Q:How many colors in this printer?
A:There are 8 colors in this printer basicly.You could choose two different ink channels:

C,M,Y,K+C,M,Y,K: if you only print white/light color T-shirt, you do not need to print white ink.
C,M,Y,K+W,W,W,W: if you will print all colors of T-shirt, please choose this ink setting.
Q:What's the ink cost to print one T-shirt?
A:It takes about 1ML mixed ink(about USD0.2) to print one A4 size picture at 2880*1440DPI on T-shirt.
Q:Where can I get the inks??
A:You could order the inks from us, we have all the inks in the stock and we can deliver the inks by express directly to you. Especially the magic white ink, I do not think you can buy from other place.
Q:Which software can I use for printing?
A:BR RIP is used for the printing setting and it's necessary for white ink printing.
Q:What is the format that the artwork should be?
A:The format of artwork could be EPS, BMP, GIF, JPGE, AI.etc, we could import it into software and directly output them after settings based on your request.
Q:What is your RIP?
A:The RIP is BROTHERRIP software which supports all the features on our machines.This is a special software which is compatible with all of BROTHERJET printers.
Q:What are the special features of your RIP?
A:We can manage all the details by this software for printing including:
1. Ink channel option.
2. Ink limit(It is different for different materials in order to get the best printing result)
3. Print speed(Unidirection or bidirection)
4. Template(We can create any template for big quantity of printing for one artwork).
5. Resolution(From 360*720 to 5760*1440DPI)
6. Print area and position settings)
Q:Could you pls informed package size of the machine
A:Packing size of this A2 mini UV printer: 1270*1020*700mm, G.W=150KGs.
Q:Is the machine ready in stock?
A:Our safe stock is 5 pcs of complete machines. And all the machines and goods can be sent in 7-10 working days after payment.
Q:Is there any guarantee for this printer?
A:Yes, we have guarantee for the printer. We provide one year warranty for all the electronic parts including the main board, driver board, control board, motor, etc. But there is no warranty for wearing parts like ink pump, printhead, and CISS since they are consumables.
Q:How can I install and start to use the printer? Ask you or I need to learn myself?
A: At first, you should read the users' manual to understand the machine and watch the video. After you get the machine, our technician will teach you how to install and use the machine by webcamera on Skype, MSN or Yahoo messenger. Whenever you have questions to the machine, you can contact our technician or me.
Q:Are you send us vcd format or another about how to installed the machine?
A:In the Vcd format there are users' manul in PDF format and and Video of this printer. And also, we have technician teach you how to install, the machine is already installed when we pack it, we should do the preshipment inspection for all of the machines to make sure the printer works well, and then send it out.
Q:Can I get supplies and wearing parts from you?
A:Yes, we provide all the wearing parts for our printers always and they are in stock.
Q:How will you achieve the warranty?
A:If any electronics or a mechanical part is confirmed to be broken, Brother-Jet should send the new part within 48hours by express like TNT, DHL, FEDEX .etc to the buyer. And the shipping cost should be on Brother-Jet for the new part and the old part should be sent back on the cost of buyer.
Q:The ink you send separately rite?I meant dont fill in the ink first to the ink cartridge.
A:Yes, the inks are packed separately, it's not filled in the cartridge. As it will damage the ink system during the shipment.
Q:Is it possible for you send to my appointed China address?
A:Yes, we could arrange the delivery to any of your appointed stock or your agent.
Q:What's the payment term do you accept?
A:We accept 100% payment before shipment by Western Union or T/T.
Q:WCan I pay by Paypal?
A:Yes. You can pay us by paypal for the consumables and parts. But payment for machine by Paypal is not acceptable.
Q:How will you send out the machines?
A:We provide three ways to you:

1.By air(it's a port to port service, fast as express, but when the machine arrive to your port, it will have some extra costs)
2.By sea(Port to port service, it's the cheapest way but it needs longer time)
3.By express like TNT, DHL, FEDEX(Door to door service, if you provide the detailed address of your company, it will be delivered to your company office)


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