Power Board For BR-1800 Series Printers

Power Board For BR-1800 Series Printers
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Power Supply Circuit Operating Principle
The power supply circuit board of this product is the C589 PSB.

Basic circuit structure
  • Flyback switching system
  • +42VDC and +3.3VDC are supplied to the Printer Mechanism

The following indicates the applications of the voltages generated in this power supply circuit.

Supplied Power

Voltage Applications

Rated output current:

CR Motor

PF Motor

PG Motor

Pump Motor

Head drive voltage

Rated output current:

Logic sensor circuit

Sensor circuit

Nozzle selection circuit (on the Print Head)

Interface control circuit

The following is the block diagram of the power supply circuit.

power supply circuit

Power supply Error - Please look at how to fix BR-1800 printer does not operate at Connect printer

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