Ink Pump Assy For BR-1800 Series Printers

Ink Pump Assy For BR-1800 Series Printers
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This replacement part is used for ArtisJet 1800 series printers. The ink pump has two main functions, one it prevents air from drying out the printer head. Second, it pulls ink from the print head nozzles in order to print.

Recommended self reinstall for the part. See instructional below link.

How to replace the pump for BR-1800 series printers

The Pump Unit is designed to suck ink from the Print Head or Cap Unit. The Cap Unit has a built-in Head Cleaning Wiper.

The following shows the specifications of the stepping motor that drives Pump Unit.

Drive Transmission Path to Pump Unit

The drive of the Pump Motor is transmitted to the Pump Unit in the following path.

The following shows the internal part names and operation outline of the Pump Unit.

The following shows the Pump Unit operating principle.

Ink Suction
1. The Pinion Gear of the Pump Motor rotates in the CW direction.
2. The Roller turns and simultaneously presses the tube.
3. Ink is fed from the Cap Unit toward the Waste Ink bottle.

Pump Release
1. The Pinion Gear of the Pump Motor rotates in the CCW direction.
2. The Roller moves away from the tube and releases the tube.
3. Ink is not sucked

Cap Unit
The Cap Unit is designed to make airtight in the Cap sticking fast to the Print Head surface so that ink suction can be performed by the driving force of the Pump Unit.
When the printer is in a standby status or its power is OFF, the Cap Unit prevents the ink from thickening.
The following figures shows the Cap Unit operation.

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