Wiper Cleaning and Wiper Replacement

Wiper is used to clean the flatbed printer head mirror side during the print(it clean the head every time whenever the flatbed printer carriage moves left and right). The wiper is made by silicon rubber which is soft to protect the printer head.

Tools needed:
1. Cleaning Pad or none-woven fabric.
2. Cleaning Agent.

Cleaning the wiper
Wiper driving gear location. Look
Wiper driving gear

Wiper Driving Gear
Wiper driving gear

Rotate the Gear and look at the pump position, until the wiper rotates up.
Rotate the Gear

Turned UP Wiper
Turned UP Wiper

Clean the wiper with cleaning pad and cleaning agent until  there is dirty on the wiper.
Clean the wiper

Wiper Replacement
1. Take out the wiper and drag the wiper out.

Take out the wiper

2. Put back the new wiper and turn on the machine.