Why the UV LED printing is suitable for application in the plastic media

LED UV color printer also called “flatbed printer“, “universal printer”. It can print on any flat media with the pictures you love, like metal, Plastic, wood, leather etc..

The led uv flatbed printer more used of print on the plastic media, like “U disk”, “PVC CARD”, “phone cases” etc..,  Next We will tell you why:

LED UV color printer support the white ink printing, it can be print on any color flat plastic media, the traditional printing processes can’t do this.

The LED UV cold light source give a low temperature, it does not damage plastic media or cause plastic deform with the high temperature, so used the led uv printing the product damage is very low, it can be save more time and cost on production.

3. There has many application with the plastic media, comparison with the metal, glass, crystal, it can save a lot of processes.