White printing with flatbed printer

As one of the few companies that have the white printing technology, Brother-Jet is still working on the improvements of the inks for the white ink’ s stability. For the white printing, we will need to have the following steps:

A: Make the coating By electric gun and spray;

B: Make the first layer printing (This can be white first or color first);we need to make the setting through the software.

C: Make the other layer printing to make up step B.

D: Finish.

Remarks: The white ink is not that stable so far and we will need to print more than one time actually or the white layer as background will be too weak.

If we use the white printing, the colors will be:

BR-1390 flatbed printer from 6 colors( C,M,Y,K,LC,LM) to 5 colors (C,M,Y,K,W,W).
BR-1900 flatbed printer from 8 colors(C,M,Y,K,LC,LM,LK,Orange) to 5 colors(C,M,Y,K,W,W,W,W).

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