UV Printer principle of work

UV flatbed printer for working by bernoulli effect, The siphon pressure is a important methods for uv printing.

UV Printer Inks in the tube fast flow can make the ink tube’s pressure Become small. The gas in the uv printer is pressured, it gave a low pressure environment on other end of level straw, this can making the liquid in the bottle atomization,Two opening tubes vertical fixed together, one is insert in to liquid bottle, The liquid at tow tube intersection become vapourous by air impact. The image paint by a spray.

UV flatbed printer used eco uv ink, it does not contain harmful substances and odors , etc. the stability good, not easy to volatilize.

Tiny drops of ink according to picture needs to be combined by printer, it can make the colors ordered in printhead and sprayed to suitable position.

The printhead determines the quality of the uv printing. The small spray nozzle can gave a higher the precision, but the printing speed might be affected. If the spray nozzle is too small, the ink can not pass through the nozzle to clogging the spray. So It is important to select the appropriate nozzle.

applications of UV printer continues to expand, there has many new market direction, This shows that the rapid development of the UV printing.