The Procedure of Removing BR-1900 Flatbed Printer PrintHead

1. The appearance of carriage unit after removing the ink cartridge.

2. Take down the plastic sheet that press the printer head planar cable, there are two places with buckles upside.


3. Take down the round cable that connect the chip touch spot, we can open it slightly with a cylinder tool, it is inserted.

Open the round cable

4. Prepare a hook tool as the picture shows. (we can make it with hard iron wire).

5. Using the hook tool to drag the buckle on the chips, there is a buckle in both left and right side. As the same method when loose the buckle, please pull up one side of touch spot when hook the buckle.

Left side

Right side

6. Take out the chips touch spot (after the buckles are taken down in both sides, we can take out the chips when we lift upward)

the buckle pattern and the round cable socket.

7. Please loose the three screws which fix the flatbed printer head.

8. Take out the printer head, please be careful about the round cable on the flatbed printer head.