The Flatbed printer can print out the 3D effect?

Most people understand, The UV flatbed printer can print out the Emboss bump effect, People have a visual three-dimensional, because the uv flatbed printer can print the white ink, the uv led white ink with a concavity.

Yet, there has some people understanding of 3D is not emboss bump effect, it is the lenticular printing with the uv printer. So, The uv printer can print the lenticular?

There has a customer case, Mr alexa has an small business for printing phone case, he wan’t to print the lenticular and he send the materials to our factory, we print the sample with the Brother-Jet a3 desktop size uv led flatbed printer. The result is Bright colors, Precision accuracy, the image have 3d lenticular effect. The phone case materials used the 3d lenticular there is a new application for customer.