The daily notice information of almighty flatbed printer

You need to put the almighty flatbed printer on the horizontal table.
Owing to the working mode of almighty printer itself, the laying place should be horizontal plane, If lean to work, it will not only affect the printing effect, slow down the spray nozzle working speed but also damage the internal mechanism. Don’t put the almighty printer on the floor, especially the floor with carpet, because in that way the eyewinker or dust is easier fly to the inner of the machine.

Please turn off the machine before pulling the plug.
If you don’t use the printer or before moving, please do the power-off protection work, first turn off the flatbed printer electrical source(if you have), let the spray nozzle reset on the ink cartridge cover, then pull the plug wire and signal wire. In the purpose of preventing the ink from evaporating, and isn’t easy to damage the spray nozzle when moving.

Clean it in due time
The exterior of the almighty printer is same as the interior, both need to be cleaned in due time, please don’t leave it alone before it is dusty and out of work, then to repair it. The exterior of the almighty printer could be wiped by the wet water mill, the cleaning fluid should be neutral materials such as water, can’t use alcohol absolutly. Please use the dry cloth to wipe the interior of the printer as fully as possible, further more you can’t touch the internal electronic components, mechanism and so on.

Please avoid press on the almighty printer.

Some people usually put other objects on the flatbed printer, in this way it may crush the flatbed printer crust, some little things will drop-in the printer. Of course, the drink and teacup are both prohibited goods.