The daily maintenance of the flatbed printer head

The nozzles of the flatbed printer heads are very tiny like the air dust. If any dust comes into the head nozzle or even the air comes into the nozzles, the head will blogged which will cost bad printing result. In this case, the maintenance of the head becomes very important for the daily operation of the machines:

(1) Keep the new head with the plastic package. All the new heads from Epson will have wet-keeping-liquid or we can call it protecting liquid with the plastic. So we had better to keep the new head in the.

(2) Do not take the printer head away from the machine or keep it in a high temperature environment. We can put the head into alcohol if we need to keep the head for a longer time or the head will be easily damaged.

(3) Do not touch the head nozzles with hand or any other hard tools. Do not clean the head with the paper, normal cloth, or glass cloth.

(4) Do not turn off the machine when we are making the printing. Firstly we can make the printer into OFF LINE status and put down the cover of the machine.

(5) If we will not use the machine for longer time which is more than 5 days. We need to keep the printer head in the professional way which will be explained in our next article.