The Cleaning and Maintenance of Printing head

When the printing head missing color or is blocked up:

First to check whether the external ink offering bottle, ink pipeline and ink bag are out of ink.

Choose the Maintenance  button  and find nozzle cleaning tool to solve the problem.

Using the syringe connected with discarded ink tube to pump 2-3ML ink from the ink freezer recycling place, and then do the printing test. (When pumping ink find the cleaning unit has the air leak phenomenon, then need to change the cleaning unit.)

If it still can’t be solved, please clean the nozzle manually. The manual cleaning operations:Decline the platform about 10 cm away from the nozzle bottom. Press Ink Change Button to make Carriage Unit moved from previous position to the left side, then turn off the power directly. Move  carriage unit to the middle with hand; take out the cartridge which corresponding with the jammed gently. Using the special-purpose nozzle cleaner and syringe equipped with rubber tube which insert to the ink pour of printing head to do the cleaning. (do not need to dismantle the nozzle) Please put a discarded ink container under the nozzle to avoid the discarded ink flow out and pollute the machine. When pushing the syringe please don’t use the great strength. (The big pressure will damage the printer).


  • When do the cleaning by using the printer’s automatic cleaning tool, the continuous cleaning times should no more than twice..
  • If the cleaning unit(nozzle Moistening device) can’t be sealed with the nozzle bottom,will directly affect the nozzle’s intact ink-jet. You need to change the fitting. (Acessories)
  • When using the manual cleaning nozzle, be sure not to spatter liquid in circuit and fittings of signal transmission.
  • When the manual cleaning time is long, after cleaning the nozzle, please push the cleaner completely out of the nozzle and make it dry. Otherwise the
  • important parts of machine will be damaged after start the printer.
  • After the manual nozzle is cleaned, please completely dipping the cleaner at the bottom of nozzle with clean napkin, then push Carriage Unit to the
  • previous position. Lest the rudimental cleaner corrodes the rubber ring of cleaning unit.