The artisjet UV led Multifunction flatbed inkjet printing technology

UV led flatbed printer theory: Edit the photo with computer for your printing, adjust the materials to right Place on your flatbed table then printing the uv led ink to the materials with the printer.

The uv led flatbed printer can printing multiple photos don’t need gravure plate-making, It can realize beautiful color printing, The printing image can water-proof, blocked the sun,  have abrasion resistance and corrosion-resisting properties. The printer is simple to use and have properties of stability, can provide higher print quality than the traditional printing.

It fully satisfy the mass production, To improve competitiveness of your product.

1. The uv printer used dx5 printhead technolgoy, 8*180 nozzle can print 13.8sqm an hour.
2. Used Variable ink printing technology, The ink dot can changed from 1.5pl to 10pl.The flatbed tabel flatness Random error 0.03mm, The printing precision is more delicate。
3. Used water-cool system, it can Increase the life of the printhead