The Application of UV flatbed printers in the construction industry

The uv printing techonolgoy is applied in most fields in the world, The uv flatbed printer can print out beautiful photo on family decoration, for example: Cabinet design, sprung roof in bathroom etc.. Most customer start to used flatbed printer in the work, The green eco UV inks causes a big effect, which is UV-protection and strong illumination protection. These advantages make UV flatbed printers are widely used in the construction industry.

Now the UV flatbed printer has become a hot topic in the construction industry. There has Many decorative materials Whether wall papers or ceramic tile, UV priner can printed perfect image on every materials, it will to be help the people to increase the value added of the product.

UV printing technology has an high precision and the color of the performance is also the most abundant. The uv ink With a high saturation and high fidelity, The uv printing result effect is incomparable with that normal printers. UV flatbed printer with fast production speed so it appropriate for large batch Personalized production.

UV flatbed printer can print on dark appropriate with a special white ink. With the varnish ink technology it can print uv varnish on materials.

The materials can printed include: decorative panel, wood panel, acrylic, ceramic tile, wall-paper, glass, aluminium alastic board etc.. So that we can ensure product quality to meet customer demand. be of construction decorative industry refreshing with the advent of uv printer. In the print craft the uv printer has a great advantages. The uv ink can printed on any materials, no need the cost of the printing plate.