T-SHIRT printing solution with Magic White Ink

T-shirt prining Background analysis and market prospect

At this stage, there are two kinds of white ink applied to dark background t-shirt, such as Black T-shirt, Red T-Shirt, and Blue T-Shirt. One is the common White ink with which the t-shirt should be precoated. The other is Magic white ink (DTX-Wh) which is the product that can be printed on t-shirt directly without coating.

Regarding the printout quality, t-shirt with common white ink feels rigid and looks like pure white, and this white ink has little corrosion; and t-shirt with Magic white ink feels soft but the white looks like a little yellowish, because it changes t-shirt color by corroding the t-shirt, so you have to clean the head after printing job to protect it from corrosion.

InkBefore printing ,what we should do?

  1. Machine prepare: make sure the printer work well
  2. Ink prepare: the Magic White Ink, T-shirt textile water based inks
  3. BR RIP software prepare: installing the software
  4. T-shirt jig prepare:
  5. Black t-shirt prepare

The type of ink
Ink type: the Magic White Ink, T-shirt textile water based inks
Ink colors: Y/M/C/K+W/W/W/W W=white

ink T-shirt Jig for printing
Fix the t-shirt on the working table when printing
jig size: 30cm*42 cm

BR RIP Software for t-shirt printing
We can make Color adjustment, speed adjustment, resolution adjustment (up to 5760*1440 dpi)
BrotherJetprovides professional ICC profiles for ink to ensure the real color printing.

Here we are going to set the parameters to get the best printout.
1.Please run the “Brotherjet RIP Color Ver8.1” software with Brother RIP.
2.Import the artwork into the Brother software .

3.Set the “layout”
It is the same to the color ink printing, we should check the “paper size”/ “output position”/ “output size”, and the “scale” must be “true”.

4.Set the “printer”
Please choose the right printer type \USB port\Image type\feeding \speed. The important thing is we should choose the resolution (white 1440×1440) and the resolution (color 2880×1440) at the same time. So please set them to the proper DPI.

5.Set the “color”, and choose right ink type as YMCK+WWWW. Then set the ink limit about color ink and white ink .The color ink limit is 100%, the white ink limit is 55%.

6.Open the print box, and let’s print the white ink first. We should set the “copies”. white copies setting is “1″; color copies setting is “0″ when the white ink printing is OK .Please press the “back” button,thenthe working table will go back home.
Notice : Don’t move the material.

7.Print Color Ink
Open the print box again and set the “copies” ,White Copies is “0″ and Color Copies is “1″.

8. Click the “print” again, then we can print the color ink.

9. Heat the T-Shirt with “Heat Press Machine” at 185oC for 2minuts.
Notice : Regarding our discharging ink(DTX-Wh), you had better clean the printheadby use of normal txcleaner or water. One of characteristic of all discharging ink might corrode inside of head nozzles. According to our experience, the corroding might be happened after 3 weeks more or less. The best way to clean the head is to stuff cleaner into the empty cartridges, then try to use head cleaning function by use of BrotherRipwhen you finish & stop the print jobs.