Start the first phone case printing with BR-S1800 flatbed printer


1) BR-S1800 eco solvent direct to substrate printer
2) Software BrotherjetRIP V8.2.3
3) IPHONE4 blank case
4) iPhone4 case jig
5) Pictures need to print

Picture preprocessing:

1) Cut the picture to fit the actual phonecase size.

Using photoshop or similar software to cut the photo according to the actual proportion of the phone case. The length and width should be a little bit larger than the phone case but its proportion should be the same, to make sure the full body of the case will be printed.

2) Photo typesetting on a jig file.

With the help of PHOTOSHP/ILLUSTRATOR to do the typesetting.
1. Put the photo into the corresponding slot positions on the jig.
2. Save as JIG /TIF/EPS after the typesetting.

iphone4 case jig eps

The phone case jig eps file you can download at:

The red dotting frame is the frame of jig, as well as the typesetting file frame, please keep it for the right printing position.

Printing position setting:
1) Way 1:By printing Coordinate:
1. By printing coordinate we can locate the printing position easily and accurately.
2. Open the coordinate file with the RIP software, set the output: X=0, Y=0, output size: width=33cm, the height with adjust automatically.(For the formula mode of the software there will be a little bit error between the actual size and the real pho to size.)

rip software set

printing position

Way 2: By printing Jig photo directly on the platform

1. By printing jig photo we can locate the printing size actually.
2. Open the jig file with Rip software, set the output:X=1; Y=1, output position:Width=30CM,hight will adjust automatically.Size of the Jig is:30CM*58CM
(For the formula mode of the software there will be a little difference between the actual size and the real photo size)

3. Put the jig on the platform where the Jig photo/Coordinate is printed.

put the phone case jig

position set

Height adjust

1. Make sure the jig is firmly on the platform, no movement occurs during printing, otherwise malposition may happen.
2. Put each blank case into the slot position on the jig, make sure all the cases are at the same horizontal.
3. Press UP button the platform will go up, leave a 2-3mm space between the printer head and the surface of case.
(Notice: Automatic Height adjustment will not work on transparent materials, will need manual adjustment)

put the phone case on jig

Start printing

1. Printing setup on the software.
1) Size and Position

1, Using typesetting files, we can print with high actual position.
2, Open the typesetting file by Rip software, set the output: X=1,Y=1, output position: width=30cm, height will adjust automa tically

position set

2) Resolution and printer setting.

Ink Channel Set

3) Ink Channel, Ink limit and CISS

rip software resolution set

2. Printing process
1, Backward the platform to the end, otherwise error report may happen.
2, Color printing set, as shown in the picture.

print set

phone case print result