Process of Brotherjet BR1900 zero clearing

When the error light and ink light are blinking alternately, or the printer head moves slowly during printing,zero clearing is needed.Please do it as followings.

If your PC system is XP,just do it step by step.

If your PC system is Win7 or vista,please set the program’s compatibility to XP(service pack 2) and run the program as a administrator.

1. Turn on the printing machine with the error light and ink light blinking and let the working table move back to the end.

2. Find out the Zero Clearing program in the folder of the user CD Driver or Driver & software download center as Picture 1

Please Note: Once it is running,it can only be used for 4 times in 20 days on one PC system, so you have to run it on another PC if there are no more days left.

3. Run the software AdjProg. CC and you may see the operation interface as Picture 2

4. Click the button “Particular adjustment mode” and get into the inner drop-down list as Picture 3

5. Double click on the item “Waste ink pad counter” and get into the sub-application interface as Picture 4

6. Check both of the boxes on “Check&Initialization” interface as Picture 5

7. Click the “Initialization” button in the lower right corner and a dialog box will pop up as Picture 6

8. Finally, click the “OK” button, and it is done now.Please restart your machine before printing.

9.If you get an error dialogue box during step 7, please click the “check” button first and then “initialize” button.