LED-UV Lamp instruction and installtion / precaution

LED-UV Lamp’s cooler Installation

Machine connection:Before refill water to the water tank, First turn the power to “0″; Connect the Outlet and Intake with tube; Make sure power off, and plug the power cable.

Refill water:Open the filling cover on the top of the water tank , and turn the cover to the biggest hole, and refill the water with the water bottle, Need the total of 500ML water or until the water tank is full .After refilling please close the cover. When refilling make sure there is no water leaks out.

Water pump adjustment:After refilling, turn on the power and check the pump carefully. If the water cycling in the tubes it means the pump is fine; if it can not or appears bubble,Pls take off the outlet tube, The cooler will exhaust the air inside the water tank and tubes, After that, plug the outlet tube back. When adjusting the water pump check carefully weather the tube connected well or not (no leaks in outlet and intake it means fine).

Adjust the UV Lamp:After adjust pump, Please turn the power key slowly(from 0 to100), to observed the Lamp is working properly. LED-UV Lamp is able to adjust form dark to light, it means fine.

How to turn off the Lamp:Turn the power key to 0 and turn off the power after ONE minute.

LED-UV Lamp precaution

Each time before using the machine, check that the water pump is working properly, we must Make sure pump working properly in order to use LED lights, so as not to damage the LED Lamp.

When refilling water, be careful not to drop the water into the cooler to prevent damage to the machine parts; After refilling can not erected the cooler to prevent water overflow and damaged machine parts.

UV timer is a time machine. The zero should lock the timer switch on click lock switch that zeroing redisplay the time machine.

Water temperature gauge will automatically display the cold water temperature

Please do not watch directly to the lamp when it’s working.

Lamp:Turn the power key to 0 and trun off the power after ONE minute.