How To Unclog The BR1900 Ink tubes When Clogged By The Ink

If the ink in the tube is dry, you are not able to pump it out through the bottom of the cartridge. So you have to clear the tube by injecting cleaning liquid into the tube as followings.

1. Plug the hole both on top of the ink bottle with the stopper

2. Then reverse the ink bottles and pull out the tube which is clogged

3. Tanke out the cartridges and pull out the other end of the tube which is clogged. And prepare a cup to hold the waste fluid.

4. Inject the cleaning fluid into the tube from one end till it flows out from the other end. Pay attention to the quantity of the cleaning fluid, not too much, in case that the ink tube is going to be eroded.

5. Plug the tube back and suck out the ink from the bottom of the cartridge to clear away the residual cleaning fluid.

6. Congratulations, you may print with the flatbed printer now. Wish you wonderfull experience with it!