How to print the white ink on materials?

We have learned to print color ink in the user manual, Now let’s learn to print white ink. the white ink printing has some different with the color ink printing. We should print white ink first, and then print color ink again. So, the setting of rip software has a few differences. Please pay attention.

Please follow these steps:

1. Please open the  software with Brotherjet ARTISRIP V8.3.

2. Import the artwork into the Brotherjet software.

3. Setting the “layout”
It is the same with the color ink printing, we should check the “paper size”/ “output position”/”output size”, and the “scale” must be “ture”.

4. Setting the “printer”
Please choose the right machine type \USB port\Image type\feeding \speed.
The important thing is we should choose the resolution (white) and the resolution (color) at the same time . So please set them with the suitable DPI.

5. Setting the ” color”, and choose the right ink type. then setting the ink limit about color ink and white ink .
According to your material, The color ink limit is about 15%-25%, the white ink limit about 30%.

6. Open the print box, and let’s print the white ink first. We should set the “copies”. white copies setting is “1″; color copies setting is “0″.

when the white ink printing is ok. please press the “back” button, then the working table will go back home.

NOTE: Don’t move the material, and if you think the white ink is not enough white, you can print white ink again.

7. Open the “print box” again. setting the “copies” again.

8. Click the “print” again, then we can print the color ink.