How to print phone case jig with BR-1800 A3 UV printer

1. Open the “iphone 5 jig” file in “Adobe ILLustrator” software.

2. Choose the “IPHONE 5.jig” artwork in the CD, and import it into “Adobe ILLustrator” software.
photo insert

3. Typeset the artwork in the jig.

4. Delete those extra lines but save the frame and the artwork. Output the file and save it as “png” format.

5. Open the “iphone 5 jig-artwork1.png” file with BR RIP SOFTWARE
open image with br rip

6. Make parameter settings.
parameter settings

7. Make white ink printing settings.

white ink setting

8. Begin to printing the white layer

Printing the white ink

9. Reset the print platform and make color ink printing.
color ink printing