How to manual cleaning the brotherjet br1900 printhead?

Process of Manual printhead cleaning

Step 01: Pay attention that the working table should be back, then click the INK button and the carriage will from the right side and stop at the position about 3cm to its home position. Then move it by hands to the middle.

Step 02: Turn off the general power.

Step 03: Take out the cartidges.

Step 04: Take a piece of paper to protect the electrical boards from any cleaning liquid.

Step 05: Put a samll container under the printer head.

Step 06: Fill the syringe with the cleaning liquid, connect the soft tube onto the ink cartidge holder. Push the piston SOFTLY until cleaning liquid flows out as strings.

Notice: If some of the holders make higher pressure during pushing the piston, you’d better clean it again 10minutes later, and repeat it until pressure becomes lower.

Step 07: We should dry the wet cartridge holders first after finishing the cleaning. We can apply a hair dryer in order to pick up the drying speed.

Notice: We should move the hair dryer timely or the head will be burned if the temperature is too high.

Step 08: Put the cartridges back, but remember to press them until you hear a click.

After manual head cleaning, another thing you have to do ink pump cleaning.