How to manage it when the flatbed printer is blocked up?

If the head of the flatbed printer is blocked up, it needs to be cleaned by the following methods:

A.Software cleaning
It will make clean automatically, through the maintenance function of the flatbed printer’s driver.

B.Ink pumping cleaning
When the flatbed printer ink lie in the initial position, using the syringe with tube attached to the discarded ink tube, abstracting about 5ml ink at full tilt. Please don’t make the syringe’s inner tank rebound, in that case it will make the each spray nozzle blend. In the process of ink pumping, if the sprayer protector is not seal tightly you can move the ink machine gently by hand so as to ensure the spray nozzle and sprayer protector is well sealed. You need to go on the software cleaning after the ink pumping.

C.Syringe and pump cleaning
Emigrate the ink machine, pull out the ink sac tube, connect the syringe contains cleaning fluid with the sprayer tattooing needle, bolus and pumpback with the fitable pressure, until the sprayer can spout intact hairline vertically.

D.Printing cleaning
Use the sprayer cleaning fluid replace the ink which has blocked the spray nozzle, using the vector graphic software to print the blob of this color, until the sprayer block phenomena is cleaned up.

Remark:100%C is the blue ink, 100%M is the red ink, 100%Y is the yellow ink, 100%K is the black ink, 30%C is the light blue ink, 30%M is the light red ink, 60% is the light black ink, 30% is the lighter black ink.