How to do a Print Head Cleaning and Nozzle Checking with Brotherjet-RIP

Shortcut key F10 F11 F12
Direct Printing Nozzle Checking Head Cleaning

Notice: The purpose of nozzle checking and print head cleaning is to check all color ink can print well and keep the ink system work well. So please make nozzle before printing every day.

1. Turn on the flatbed printer and press the Fore button until the bed stops in the control panel.

2. Covering the working table with paper

3. Press “BACK button” until the working table back to the end

4. Press “UP button” until the printer working table Automatically stops, then we could move down it about 2mm to avoid the crash between the print head to the table.

5. Connect the USB cable to the computer. Open the Brother-JET RIP with keydog plugged in,and choose the right printing machine model and the USB port.

6. Print head cleaning:
Make sure the working table is back to the end .Then click “Print head cleaning” or “F12″. and “yes” Please wait for about 2minutes until the print head stops moving.

7. Head nozzles : After print head cleaning, In order to check all color ink can print well ,we should make the head nozzles .click “Nozzle checking” or “F11” and “Yes

8. If the lines of all color ink are no breakpoints, we can print.