Artisjet BR 1900 CISS ink system introduction

Brotherjet BR1900 INK SYSTEM

1. Ink bottles
Ink bottles
8 bottles for all the colors; 01pc is for each color of ink.

2 Ink tubes
Ink tube

It is connecting the ink bottles to the cartridges on the head. There should be 8 pcs for BR1900 and 6 pcs for the BR1400 printer.

3. Cartridges

It is connected to the ink bottles by the ink tubes and to the printer head in the other end.

4. Cartridges Reset button
Cartridges Reset button

For the cartridges resetting.There is white button on the back side.

5. Vacuum point
Vacuum point
Usually we will not use them.

6. Cross connect
Cross connect
Connect to the ink tubes

7. Head holder connectors
Head holder connectors
These holes are for connecting the cartridges to the head and ink filling with the help of syringes during the installation.

Ink system introduction.
It contains CISS \Printer head/Cleaning station/Ink pump/Waste ink tank.
A. Printer head. This part(this link to buy) is under the cartridges and in the carriage.
Printer head

B. Cleaning station. This part is under the printer head when the head is in its home position. They have Sponges for sucking the inks from the printer head by pressure from the 1900 ink pump. 1900 printer has 2pcs sponges and 1400 flatbed printer has only 1pc sponge.
Cleaning station

C. Ink pump. For ink flowing and cleaning the print head.
 Ink pump

D. Waste ink tank. This part is in the right side of the printer when standing in the front of the flatbed printing machine. There are two pcs of ink tubes connect the waste ink tank to the ink pump. 1900 flatbed printer has two ink tubes and 1400 A3 flatbed printer has one tube only.
Waste ink tank

4. Height automatic sensor introduced
Firstly we have to know: The best distance between the printer head and the printing materials should be 2-3mm. This automatic height sensor is used for the best distance adjustment. It’s working theory is ray.

The emitter is in the right side of the printer and the acceptor is in the left side of the printer. When there is anything that blocks the light, the table will stop moving up. But please notice: The sensor can’t be used for transparent materials.

Height automatic sensor

Now we are going to try the machine
Let’s turn it on without any ink to see if the machine is ready to work for us!
1.Connect the power cable. Make sure it is your standard 220V or 110V.
2.Turn on the GENERAL POWER button.
3.Press the UP/DOWN/FORE/BACK buttons now to see the moving table.
4.Press DOWN button. Until it comes down to about 3cm.
5.Now press the POWER button for the printing engine. The printing system will start its initialization.. The POWER light will be flashing….The head will move from the right to the left, left to the right. And then the head will stop moving any more and the POWER light should be SOLID ON.